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Letter to the Washington Post good example of the type of activist we are dealing with on global warming?

In a recent letter to the Washington Post, browbeating it for daring to pen an article on errors in the IPCC report, David Hilfiker complained stridently that “”Climate-change deniers get too much help from Post story”” and that even though the article was accurate the Post was wrong to run it because: [quote]
“”The Feb. 15 front-page article “Missteps weigh on agenda for climate” was infuriating, a perfect example of why so many Americans still don’t believe in the coming crisis of global climate change. Read closely, your article was technically accurate, but the language and placement of information gave the impression that the overwhelming scientific consensus on global climate change might be in danger.””
~ So, he acknowledges that the article was perfectly accurate, but inveighs against it on the grounds that it questions the supposed orthodoxy! Is this a healthy attitude?
I was curious about who would write such a ehtically dubious letter, so I checked out David Hilfiker, esq., and found his ‘spiritual’ website: www.davidhilfiker.com, where he writes “sermons” on the evils of capitalism, in one of which he says: [quote]
“”As long as profit maximization, the sanctity of private property, and distribution solely by supply and demand remain the unexamined bases of our economic system, we will not be able to feed the hungry or prevent ecological destruction.
Among those who ardently hope and work for change, there is a different opinion. Many believe that without a fundamental re-orientation in power relationships no change will be possible. It is power, they say, that determines the course of society; until those who rule society are replaced, we cannot expect justice or sustainability
We do not have much time left before environmental catastrophe overtakes us. We won’t find environmental balance unless we deal with injustice. The current economic system cannot bring either justice or sustainability””
– in short, this is a call for revolution to bring about “sustainability”. Yet again, you can see the real agenda start to emerge.
IS this letter to WP a good example of the sort of activists we are dealing with on global warming?


  1. A good example might be somebody who was honest about there agenda would be refreshing. at best I would say it is a typical example of those type of activist.

  2. The letter basically said, ‘don’t confuse the climate change issue with the facts’. lol…
    A side note, I too have taken exception with the Washington Post on a different issue.

  3. We need to post in the afternoon, when all the teenagers who worship at the altar of warmism are dragged out of bed by Mom. They all cop that know it all attitude, just like a 17 year old.
    But yes, I think that is an accurate representation. Say FOX news and watch how fast they jump on the source. Nothing but brainwashed leftist sheep who blindly hate anything that goes against the shepherd’s agenda.
    Gotta love American government education…

  4. There is no question that global warming is the new home of the deranged Marxists and pretty much anyone that has a beef against capitalists. It is a good example of many of them including many of them that call themselves scientists like Hansen. It is really disgusting that people allowed radicals like that so much leeway in the past but their days of spinning lies and expecting to go unchallenged are numbered. Sustainability is just eco-babble for living on a commune with horses doing the plowing and a massive reduction in wealth. I know that isn’t what is in most of the pipe dreams but that is how sustainability translates in the real world. Without fossil fuels, tractors don’t run.

  5. yes that type is very common in the movement but Hilfiker is a little farther along the megalomania road than most. his blog is downright scary.
    most of them wouldn’t dare to describe themselves as saints or openly admit their ideal is to have 30% or more of the population living in poverty.
    but many of the rabid AGW crowd share his propensity of getting hysterical when presented with hard objective evidence that doesn’t agree with their opinion. in fact we see examples of this same reaction on a daily basis on this site don’t we.

  6. The radical activists have an agenda. Blame it on Bush is one tact and the other on greedy corporations, particularly those in the USA.


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