Home Discussion Forum Lets talk about Sleep Paralysis and its causes.?

Lets talk about Sleep Paralysis and its causes.?

I have had multiple sleep paralysis events. The reason mine started up is because my mind was acknowledging the phantom currents or physical imprints left behind people in the same space I slept in. Some of these events had a strong emotional charge to it and so this caused a night hag to be born, she hid, only coming out when the time and space was just perfect. I have discovered her power source(the memeory) and now she has left the building, I haven’t had a single relapse of sleep paralysis and I don’t expect to.


  1. We all experience sleep paralysis ever night. If not we would flail about in our dreams. Occasionally everyone experiences a situation where we don’t come out of it immediately when waking.

  2. Interesting analysis. I’ve been having a problem with sleep paralysis for years. They can be terrifying. I don’t know why they happen though. Email me if you want to figure it out with me!
    CORRECTION: Sleep paralysis can often involve terrifying hallucinations WHILE under paralysis, which makes it even scarier.

  3. I woke up once on the couch after falling asleep watching TV .. and I don’t know how long it was, but I will still in sleep paralysis and couldn’t move my arms. It was a little scary when mixed with the fog of sleep.
    There were no hags or phantoms around tho, just me brain doing what it does.

  4. no, sleep paralysis is when part of your brain is asleep and another part is awake, that’s all it is.
    btw, i have experienced sleep paralysis complete with audio and visual hallucinations, while it did seem more real than a dream, i knew it wasn’t real while it was happening and after i woke from it, there is no reason why you should think this is some supernatural phenomena.

  5. Sleep Paralysis is caused by the mechanism the body uses to keep your body still so you don’t act out your dreams (what keeps you immobile so you don’t start sleep walking). Sometimes, this normal, healthy paralysis occurs while we are falling asleep or trying to wake up and is accompanied by hallucinations. While I’ve forgotten the exact causes of all of this, I do know that sleep paralyis is not something you should have that frequently. Frequent sleep paralysis often accompanies sleeping disorders like narcolepsy. Occasional sleep paralysis happens to everyone. I’ve had it four times in 17 years. By the way, it’s more likely to occur if you are lying supine (on your back).


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