lets say someone believes this what religon would you say this is ?





by Alf:

The worship of God is silent and solitary; free
from all self seeking. The silence is a necessity as all speech is feeble and imperfect. Therefore, as with Our ancestors , their spirits and consciousness, would ascend out of time and space to God in wordless adoration/feelings. There are no priests or saviors or Messias authorized to come between a man (soul) and our Maker. Each experience is personal, different than another and should not in any way be meddled with or judged. Each soul should become conscious of the divinity that is itself.
There should be no shrines, no temples among you except nature, and mankind caretaking of nature. Be a real, natural, human being. Our real faith may not be formulated in creeds, as we have been taught, but comes from a deeper portion of yourself, that you have only forgotten, or ignore. Temples were built to be gods. God can be worshipped by honoring yourself, you honor God because you truly are one and the same. Look at Our Earth, Our Ocean, Our Night Sky, and the Galaxy. This is our church, and you are the alter in that church, so release yourself from your past limited thinking, It only takes a decision. What anyone else thinks doesn’t matter.
It is important to remember that God does not place value upon the material fabric of time
This has only been created so that we as should, could learn more about ourselves and return with our experiences to contribute to the creation of ourselves. The rituals of offerings and sacrifice and other symbolic objects, only mean something to you. God is only interested in your intent, the path of your heart. Look to find your highest happiness and the motive for power to? Our existence.
Do not look ill upon those of simplicity or poverty, the goal of ones paths regardless of lifetimes or lifeforms is not the accumulation of wealth, and the enjoyment of luxury. It is to discover your true self. That which is apart from the God that part of your which chooses to leave the comfort and safety of eternity, to fall into the concept of Time. To become a true human being is the practice and constant embracing of your essential self. And, from that place of eternity, your thoughts, actions, and emotions should emanate into the world. Human beings should be vulnerable, open, focused, strong, and flexible. In Our world, the three concerns all of Us must address personally are Self-Worth, Trust, and Expectation. Our Earth not only needs healing, she also needs a responsible, and worthy companion. That companion is the masculine.
There is a great need for the men of our world, to become intuitive and soulful. Men must cultivate unconditional love on all levels. The men of our world are too aggressive and full of self-imposed loneliness. Please remember that all energy moves in a circle, so everything returns – the love and the anger and the despair. Please, I ask you to also acknowledge the fact that the love that you withhold is the pain that you carry. So, let love warm your voice, let love be the wonder to children’s ears. Let imagination create a world of unconditional responsibility. It will change the order of the old word. Let your emotions give motion to the hero’s that struggle within all of your, for the freedom to act, to be, to witness, and to apologize.
The responsibility of becoming a human being is great, but it is also natural. It is prayer in motion. It is Our evolution and free will in action. It is the flow of life in all things. It is as Our world should be. All of us are born of Our Earth, so love Earth and make new life, for children are always a new beginning. Most of Us have yet to rediscover a world you’ve already discovered.
Strive to keep your conscious thoughts from clogging with envy, and pride. Find time, make time to be outdoors in solitude. Allow the magnetic forces of our Earth to revitalize your nervous systems. For our busy lives dissipate these vital life and spiritual energies. We are all sages, though untutored. We all live in two worlds, two realities, two minds. The first is the spiritual world, that of pure spirit, which is the only essence of all things. It is here that all of the reasons for our present existence in our lifeform come from. It is also here that we, as sages, look for no favors or help. There is no worship of the symbolic. It’s the place of beingness, God. The place of knowing nothing, which in turn is the same place of knowing everything.
The elements that make up our world, the forces of nature such as Wind, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, should truly be regarded as spiritual powers, manifest into the physical realm, because spirit pervades all of God and its creation. And, all creatures possess a soul, in some varying degree. But it is important to understand that some lifeforms can only hold a small degree of soul, while others can hold much more weight and light of the soul. And these different lifeforms are not necessarily a soul conscious of itse
Im only asking for opinons here
I could care less what you believe

deistic, new ager


  1. Are you going to give us the answer or just hope by presenting this you will get converts? Sounds like a form of Wicca

  2. Sounds to me like half Buddhist and half Native Indian
    It definitely is man made and therefore false. God gave us His word the bible. What you write sounds intelligent but God is not complicated. He wants you to get accurate knowledge of himself and his son Jesus Christ. (JOHN 17:3)
    There is only one true religion and that is the one that Jesus taught. All His information came from his father Jehovah God the Almighty Creator. people twist and construe what truth is and that’s why we have so many religions in the first place. All of these religions will be brought to nothing soon
    Please study the bible with a humble heart and you will not regret it. Take care.

  3. The Bible says, “There is a way that seems right unto man but the end of that way is death–Proverbs. Your whole premise leaves out one very important principle. That we are not accountable to God and that God will not hold us accountable. If you believe what you say then you are your own God, for each person answers only to themselves. If what you say is true, then the Bible is a lie and Jesus is a liar, for he said that we would give account to God for our words and actions. So who will be right in the end. Will you be your Judge or will God be your Judge? We shall see!

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