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Lets say I go in a haunted house and I have negative energy around me; What will happen?

How do I propely cleanse myself of negative engery?
Not such a good idea to ghost hunting than…


  1. if the ghosts have postive energy they will possess you if they have negative energy they will run away from you 🙂
    A psychic told me she cleansed my energy in email and i don’t know wht the heck this is supposed to mean.

  2. very few people hv the capability to sense the presence of -ve energy lyk the media( dis is not a t.v. its d people hu are gifted and can communicate wid the so called dead)… u myte feel depressed and frustrated as u cant c the thing who’s presence u feel. i think i du sound lyk a freak but this is said entirely 4m experience… and if ur hearts weak dnt try sensing -ve energies or u myte lose ur own!!! and yes they cant harm u so theres nothing 2 b scard of, unless u bother them. tk cr.

  3. They can’t harm you. They can only scare you and only then if you allow them. Negatives only have the power YOU give them. So give them love and respect and it will send them packing. The weaker ones at least. The stronger ones are a bit persistent, which means you have to be as well.
    how to cleanse yourself…. a salt bath. add salt crystals to a warm bath and immerse yourself completely in it for a moment.
    or native american smudge. You light it until it’s smoking well and wave the smoke around your body, let it wash over you. Intention is what counts. White sage is the best, I prefer sage and lavender. sage clears, lavender replaces it with loving energies.
    next time you want to go ghost hunting.. go without fear and beforehand surround yourself with white light. See yoruself standing in a solid egg of it, so that it infuses your body as well. The white light will keep the negativity at bay.


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