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Let’s assume Astrology is real… what good does it do?

It doesn’t change your reality.

What does it matter if your experiences reflect the stars if they’re still your experiences none the less? And what’s the use of knowing you have a difficult transit coming? Does knowing about it make your experiences less difficult? Is astrology more about relegating responsibility to the stars?

Please help me understand how the energy expended on astrology is worth the “benefits”, whatever the benefits are? What are the benefits anyway?


  • Well, i know who to tone myself down for. I have always been able to talk candidly with Taurus, for instance, because they understand my rage. But i have to tone it down for a Cancer because they think that if I’m angry, it’s at them.
    Am i making any sense?

    Astrology can’t tell you your future. I never read that stuff ‘cos it’s stupid.
    But i’ve found, from experience, that personality traits in horoscopes are just everywhere. I knew that this Scorpio girl at work was only trying to get a reaction out of me when she was being mean to me, so i just don’t react. I know that i need to get my Taurus friend to talk through her problems before she explodes with anger.

    Look into people’s horoscopes with an open mind before you judge, you might be surprised. Just find out what your friends and families’ signs are, read up on them, and spot the similarities.

  • I can’t remember where exactly, I think it is in Ezekiel, he tells those who use astrologers to just try and see if they can escape the punishment of Gods wrath even if they know it is coming.

    In any case it is interesting that there is an accurate pattern to the personality predictions made by astrology, serious occultist believe it is more related to sun cycles than the position of stars, there is good reasons for this but they are to lengthy to go into here.

    The benefits are mainly that it helps as a guide for thinking in categories that the mind does not posses by itself.

  • Inquiring minds need to know.

    You can either choose:
    “Forewarned is forearmed”
    “Ignorance is bliss”

    depending on your point of view.

  • Astrology is just nebulous enough to sound like something real because it can apply to anyone no matter what it says.

    Then – God came along and scrambled the stars all up and astrology ment nothing because all the constellations were missing.

    LOL – What happens now that Pluto got kicked out as a planetary body? Scorpio has to go back being represented by Mars like it was before Pluto was discovered.

    Too much!

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