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I think the legend of the Soul Mates seems very interesting or maybe it’s too superstitious, what do you guys think?

Soul Mates

Finding our way back to wholeness
We all long for wholeness, don’t we? Long to be full and complete in ourselves, and often this translates into the longing for a special person to share our lives with, and even, to complete us. But where does this longing come from? Partly, from our natural desire as a child, for ‘union’ with our opposite-sex parent. This natural loving desire usually presses Mum or Dad’s buttons as being somehow ‘improper’ and it gets quashed, leaving us with the message ‘I can’t join and be complete’. This unfulfilled yearning for completeness then plays out in our relationships. Even this though, is just part of a deeper story. Legend has it that originally we were androgenous, masculine and feminine, combined. We got split off eons ago into male and female and have been trying to put ourselves back together ever since! This inner yearning, and conflict, is played out, over and over, in the so called ‘battle between the sexes’.

As our consciousness evolves as a planet, and we become more aware, certain issues come up from time to time for ‘planetary healing’. In other words, a theme or story evolves that many of us are working on collectively in our relationships. So it is, just now, where it seems the understandable rage that women have felt towards men, for their warlike actions on the planet, and also, the anger women feel towards themselves for allowing it to happen, is being worked on. (Not blaming men, it’s just an interesting overall theme which may or may not apply to you). There now seems to be a genuine desire from women to co-create with their men, but not at the expense of ‘the old way’ with the man always having to be the leader! Many of the women around me seem weary of this model! How to attain equality for co-creation, without butting heads? Instead of fighting with him about control, try modeling co-creation. In other words, come to him with the beginnings of something you want to create together, and invite him to join you. The other theme at the moment is ‘to allow’. So instead of arguing and pushing for what you want, open and allow it to come to you. It creates a space in between where the sexes at least have an opening for… a meeting!

A soul mate is generally thought of as someone with whom we have a very deep soul connection, and have lived many lives together. So how do you know when you meet them? Well, everything we’ve ever experienced in every lifetime is recorded in our aura as feelings. When you meet someone you have a close connection with, you will feel a sense of familiarity, a ‘knowing’. This is because you have felt this person before and are familiar with their energy.

So what happens once you find your soul mate? Bliss? Melding? Oh noooo! Quite the opposite! The joy of soul mate is that you are traveling through the universal continuum together for the purpose of becoming whole and experiencing all the different aspects of yourselves. So, when you meet, your soul mate will automatically possess the most finely honed ability ever, for pushing your buttons, so you get to experience any parts of yourself that are not whole, and heal them. This is of course, the most wonderful, precious and treasured gift. Though not necessarily easy to live with. You will learn and heal more about yourself than you thought possible. And you will want to strangle them one minute and worship them the next! It is the strength of the love that will make you stay, even though it might be uncomfortable, so that you can overcome and heal the various things you need to work on together. Hang in there, I’m told it improves after the first couple of years. Soulmates who have been together a while eventually overcome their major differences and then settle into co-creating their lifes’ work together.

Inviting in your soulmate meditation

Relax, breathe deeply, and find yourself in the perfect space for you and your soulmate to meet. Feel comfortable and safe. There is a door in front of you. Beyond the door, your soul mate is waiting. Allow the door to open, and greet them. Invite them to come towards you. Talk to them. They have a gift to give you. Allow and accept it and thank them and give them your gift in return. Take a moment to talk a bit more. Dwell there with them for a time. And then gently return to the room.

Answer by diabLOVE
i dont believe it for a second. I do believe people find other people that they are really compatible with, but not from past lives. come on…
its a wonderful thing to dream anout though.


  • I’m not one for superstitions HOWEVER…I believe this: There are many different combinations of which people can live happily together in a romantic or otherwise relationship. On that same note, I believe that there is a soul mate for each and every individual. Why do I believe this and not believe in other things such as Saints, God (to a degree) and other legends? I feel it in my heart first and foremost. That’s not to say that whomever you are with could never fulfill your needs as your soul mate can, but what it means, to me, is that there is an individual in the universe that was meant for you more than anyone else. That person may not make you a happier individual in this life, but it’s a thought.

    I knew someone who was in a similar situation. She didn’t just believe, she KNEW that there was a guy that she already personally knew that was her soul mate. She FELT it more than anything else. However, she was married to someone else, loved her current husband and felt that she was happier with him than her soul mate.

    So, in my belief, a soul mate is just someone that you spiritually share a bond that isn’t necessarily shared with anyone else, but it does not rule out any possibility of being happy or even happier with someone else. To me, in the life between this one and the next, the soul mates will eventually meet and then continue the next life with or without each other. It’s more like meeting up and saying: “Or you’re that guy/girl…oh okay…cool”

  • I do believe in soul mates as well in soul brothers, soul sisters, and soul twins, but it is extremely difficult for most people to find their true soul mate, soul brother, soul sister or soul twin due to the way most people live their lives.

  • Yes, i do believe in soul mates. Or atleast that it’s possible…but, even more than that, i believe that there is someone out there ‘meant for you’, your other half…. Even if they aren’t exactly alive yet. Or maybe i’m just a hope less romantic haha

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