Leftovers in a microwave makes a dangerous incubus?






If you turn on your microwave that comes already mounted above your stove then you have a dangeorus situation at hand. The stove light is kept on by most people and they put leftovers in the microwave to eat later, but the stove light under the microwave creates the internal temp to rise too 68o making it a horrible breeding ground for bacteria that quadruples 100 million parts per second. A disaster wating to happen for somebody who likes leftovers and places the wrong food in the wrong place.


  1. I have never heard of people storing their leftovers in their microwave. I don’t do that anyway…I always just keep them in my fridge (unless I’m using the microwave to cook the leftovers of course). That would be a potential for bacterial growth, though.

  2. What are you talking about???
    First of all, nobody puts leftovers in a microwave to eat later. They put the leftovers in a refrigerator to prevent the bacteria you mentioned become a hazard. Reheating in the microwave is done immediately prior to eating.
    Secondly, I am wondering where you got that ridiculous temperature of 680 degrees. A microwave over a stove at that temperature would melt right off the wall.
    Maybe you could ask people how they store their leftovers.

  3. Was there a question? I’ve been using a microwave ever since they came in and I’m still here … aaaaaarrrrrrrghhhh! Just kidding. Like the answerers above, I would never dream of keeping leftovers in the microwave. This is what fridges are for.
    I think you mean “incubator”. An incubus is defined as a male demon believed to lie on sleeping persons and to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women. I don’t think most leftovers, even those stored in microwaves at 68,000 degrees, are likely to be THAT toxic 😉

  4. A valid situation described and should be thought in depth.
    1. Left-overs should not be kept in the microwave oven
    2. The light should be kept off by switching the machine off
    3. If you forget , things are left and only the ‘light’ not the main microwave swift is on, it may really be harmful for a long time gap.
    4. Really don’t know – but if may be sixty eight (Celsius)degree inside in a situation like this
    …..But…I have a related question : Is at all “Microwave” for cooking food is harmful for us ? Anybody..please !!

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