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Learning Chakra?

Can anyone please tell me how to open all the chakras, and the most effective order in which to open them? Also, could you please tell me how long it took you to open a certain chakra? Please answer, and please don’t leave rude comments!
And if possible, would you leave a site with a chakra audio lesson? THANKS!!


  1. I can’t think of a website with audio lessons but if you haven’t already read these, some good books are: A Chakra and Kundalini Workbook by Dr. Jonn Mumford (Llewellyn Publications) and The Middle Pillar by Israel Regardie.

  2. I feel that it’s not about opening the chakras, it’s more about balancing and healing them. A chakra that’s too open is just as detrimental as one that’s closed or unbalanced. I prefer to work from the top down, starting at the crown, and releasing all the negativity through the feet. I don’t know of a site with audio, but this site gives very good advice and tips on healing and balancing them:

  3. Opening all of the chakras isn’t just about “opening them” but entails a process of development in stages. You will find there are many schools of thought as to the “order” in which to work with them. Some work from the top down, others work from bottom up and some start working with the one energy point that bothers them the most. Note that I say ‘work with” because it is not just about opening. It is an emotional process as well.
    “As one makes the journey through the chakras, there is a change of perceptions, an altering of awareness, an awakeness of spirit. Being in tune with what your body is saying speaks volumes as each chakra point tries to communicate with you if you are open to hear it and can understand its language. .. The real journey seems to be the emotional one when a chakra becomes active. ”
    When you start working with and opening up a chakra point, there could potentially be a lot of emotional and mental stuff to work out. Many things from your past can come to the surface. It can take some work. So in all, just opening them up isn’t as easy as it appears to be.
    Sometimes people choose start out with the solar plexus energy point because it is the emotional one; conflicts, love, pain, will and desires. It is often the easiest to work with because emotions, unconsciously and subsconsciously, are more easily accessed and sometimes the strongest.
    The time period in working with and opening up chakra points seems to depend on the work you are willing to put into it and how much you need to work on issues associated with that energy point. It can be a fairly short process to a lengthy one.
    “The ultimate goal is not only to be aware of the body energy, or to have clean and balanced chakras but to integrate our physical, mental and emotional selves in the process.”


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