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learn hypnotism and take advantage?

what do you do if you study hypnotism and your master uesing you but you can not do anythings because of he has got more spiritual power of you and you can not explaine to normall people what is going on in side of yourself? and you are under the stress and damage physicall body.


  1. maleki, get yourself out of this now… it is a dangerous thing to be involved in. seriously. find a local church and have a chat with someone there or ring a christian helpline, eg 01277 374685 option 4 which is the national christian helpline. hypnotism is not a game and it does terrible things to you spiritually. please, get away from it now. as you are aware spiritually, call out to the One who is bigger and stronger than all the other spirits… God … He will help you and protect you, but call Him now..x

  2. It’s not hypnotism, but it may be brainwashing – which is just as powerful.
    This ‘master’ guy sounds predatory. For a start, anyone who calls themself a master is the least qualified to have that title. True Hypnotism is a therapy, not a parlour trick.
    As someone above me has stated, a hypnotist cannot make you do anything you don’t subconsciously want to do. So therefore it is my belief you are in contact with a highly charismatic person who gets off on the amount of influence and control he has with you.
    Belief is a dangerous thing. The only thing I can suggest you do is to break all ties with this person, and do your own research into what Hypnotism REALLY is.

  3. in hypnotism , nobody can do without anyone will.even if you strictly not listen his guidelines then your master never using or hypnotize you. yes, some chances happen when a person hypnotize anyone, and go him in third and last stage, then which suggestions the master give him , he can do it.
    but in some matters, like religion or individual etc. nobody can be done forcefully , in hypnotism whether in third stage or not.
    you should recheck the principles of hypnotism science , in literatures , books or on net. because you put in yourself in wrong feelings. and you should do tratak or medition , yoga etc.
    ALWAYS REMEMBER UR MASTER HAS NO SPIRITUAL POWER ONLY drawback is that he has been success giving suggestion by hypnotism science in your inner mind. and your subtle mind except it, that is totally wrong.
    you must go through hypnotism principle and its theory. then you will realize you put yourself in wrong feeling. just use ur will power and through auto suggestion yourself in meditation , saying repeatedly , that your master is not a god and simple human being and he has no spiritual powers and never use me by hypnotism science…… and never hypnotizing me.
    and you surprisely see, he could not hypnotize you.
    so just repeat these words daily in your subtle mind and also read literature on hypnotism

  4. Hi Maleki,
    Like what nightvisionuk and Akshy K said, real hypnotism wouldn’t let you do things that will damage yourself.
    Find out what it really means and use it to your advantage.


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