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LaVeyan Satanists, is it true that Anton LaVey named his religion specifically to tweak Christians?

If so, how do you feel about LaVeyan Satanists who complain when LaVey’s name works and Christians misunderstand them and are prejudiced against them?
@Silly Salamander: My premise was that if the point of the name is to rile up Christians, it’s easy to say, “well, you can’t complain when it works.”


  1. He didn’t just do it to tweak Christians, but that was certainly part of it.
    The reason he chose Satan as a symbol was because Satan was the symbol that he resonated the most with. Satan is the adversary of all spiritual creeds, so he felt it apt to use Satan as the symbol for his materialistic religion.
    Satanism is also a carnal religion, and Satan has represented carnality since the Middle Ages.
    I don’t quite understand the second half of the question.
    EDIT: Well, I don’t know of any Satanist who’s complained about Christian misconceptions. (It’s pretty much a given that people won’t get it). The annoying thing is that nobody takes the time to research the religion before they spout off everything they’ve heard from other people (pastors, friends, relatives, whatever).
    One would think that before criticizing a religion, one would at least understand the religion.

  2. Silly Salamander pretty much hit the nail on the head. of course LaVey didn’t invent Satanism he just ushered into the modern era.
    I don’t really feel that upset about Christians not knowing anything about them, as most Christians are already pre-programmed to seek and destroy everything they don’t agree with, even if it is other forms of Christianity. Its just Satanism has a lot higher shock value to them I believe.

  3. LaVey Satanism always seemed like a perversion of Luciferianism to me. Anton LaVey was like the Marilyn Manson of his day – incredibly intelligent, but all about shock and money-making.

  4. I am not prejudiced against them. I won’t go into gory detail, but I have a jaded past. Everyone has junk in their trunk.
    I read about Anton LaVey. He claimed that satan was not a real entity, but was just a ‘dark force in nature.’ But LaVey confided in a friend of his about the reality and the truth of the matter. Anton LaVey knew that satan is indeed a real entity, and not just a metaphor.
    Ergo, the satanic bible is predicated upon deception. Those who read and follow it are the victims of subterfuge.
    I think it’s wonderful to question things. Young people sometimes rebel, which can often be the hallmark of intelligence. They call into question the existence of God. They question the church. They may even try satanism or the occult. What I fail to understand is why they are so officious in questioning God, yet they do not extend the questioning to satanism? Puzzling.


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