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Lately I have considered the possibility that I am the only consciousness in the universe. Your thoughts?

Or that maybe I am the consciousness of the universe, or that I AM the universe in some way. It’s possible that I am imagining other consciousnesses. Lest you think I’m, crazy, I don’t have any evidence for that and I don’t hold the belief that it’s true, but it seems just as possible as the existence of multiple consciousnesses.
I’m Athiest.
JP: Really?….I have to check into that. It seems intuitive that at least I exist. Since I can think, there must be something that does the thinking and that’s me.


  1. More interestingly… recognizing that it’s impossible even to prove the existence of the self (read up on Sartre, ‘I think therefore I am’ turned out to not hold water), why presume the existence of any consciousness in the universe at all?

  2. it is possible but then you would be typing this to yourself (you nutter), or these words would be the result of a natural, non-conscious process.

  3. Hold on, you may not be as crazy as you sound! Philosophers and mystics have long held the belief of a Universal Conscience that can be tapped into by any human mind. Thus, all the world’s history (perhaps future too) is recorded in it. I can see how one might imagine being an only consciousness while in touch with such an awesome database!

  4. Quite possible according to the Hindu theory of ‘Maya’. Everything around each of us and our minds (consciousness includes what the mind imagines like ‘my sister is in Andhra Pradesh’) could be just an illusion.


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