Last night there was a person standing at my bedroom door and I couldn't move, I was paralyzed, what happened?





I woke up at about 3 or 4 am this morning and I could see somebody standing at my bedroom door. I couldn’t make out any features, I could just see the silhouette through the light coming in from the hallway. The most terrifying part was that I couldn’t move. I have never had any sort of sleep paralysis before this. It was awful, the person turned and left after a minute or two but it seemed like 3 or 4 minutes until I could move again. I got up and looked around the house but I could not see anything out of place. I am 100% sure I was awake. The intruder was short, either a woman or a child/adolecent. I cannot figure out how he/she got into my flat. Why couldn’t I move? I have heard of people being frozen with terror, but I thought that was just a figure of speech. I still feel really shaken by this episode. What on earth happened?
It happened again last night. This is 3 nights after the first time I saw the intruder. Well, there have been two nights with no disturbances anyway. But, last night the same thing happened again. It was even scarier this time because I tried to call to my flatmate, or even a neighbor, but I couldn’t make a sound. I could move my mouth and air hissed out from my lungs but my vocal cords weren’t working. I know this wasn’t a dream, I am sure I was awake. It was the same as on Wednesday night, I woke up in bed and I couldn’t move. I could see the person standing at the door again. I tried to scream, but I couldn’t. This time was much worse. I was panicking. He/she left after what felt like an eternity. He/she is small, thin and short, probably a girl. Why is she breaking into my flat? How is she getting in? After I could move again I got up and checked the house. All the windows and all the doors and there was nothing. What is going on! Am I losing my mind? This is driving me mad.


  1. I had this happen to me before several years ago. I had woken up randomly in the middle of the night at around 4 am and I look across my room to the doorway and see someone in a silhouette wearing a hat and trench coat but it’s all black and his figure envelopes my doorway from top to bottom and just stands there. At first I thought it was my father since he used to check on us in the middle of the night. And behind the shadow the hallway was bright I look over at my clock and it says 4:15 am and I tilt my head and go “huh?” Then suddenly I black out and I’m asleep. It didn’t feel like a dream, I could move and I had been awake. I asked my dad the next morning if he checked up on us that night and he told me no and got concerned when I explained what happened and came to find out he had gotten a missed call 10 minutes prior to said experience from an unknown number. Still freaks me out to this day. But the thing is I saw him again a couple weeks later and he lifted me up my living room wall in my dream without touching me and started choking me and I heard him whisper something and I was so terrified and I couldn’t scream for help. I haven’t seen him since then.

  2. don’t sleep with your feet facing the door this would happen to me and i could not move or turn away from the shadow man. my feet were facing the door. this is not good

  3. Something eerily similar happened to me. I’m still looking for a correct answer. I was sleeping in the morning and i roll over and i see this lady, red hair staring at me. As soon as i saw her it felt like my mind was being forced open. Like someone was tearing my conscience open. I couldn’t move my body to attack her or anything. At the last second when I felt like I was going to break (it had been about five seconds by then) I prayed to God to help me. Suddenly she was gone and I jumped out of bed shaking like crazy. I used to be a hardcore christian, a year before that incident. I kinda fell off the bandwagon into sin. I have looked around and I’m pretty sure it was a demon. Seems that if it was an angel it would proclaim something about God. Demons can’t speak the name of Jesus so if you manage to yell something yell his name. I know I was attacked because I allowed the creature to get close to me. Sinning so much gave it an opening. I believe it was trying to possess me. Oh and another thing before she showed up I was having a good dream and at first I began to see her in my dream and she seemed like a hot chick I wanted to “go for”. Then I woke up for some reason and there she was. Hope this helps someone else.

  4. wow….. I had this happened to me before like a month or so, at the time I was under an unbelievable amount of pressure and suffering from anxiety almost on a constant basis.
    It really scared me but I think now that it was a dream, at the time I didnt…….. I did hear myself sort of screaming a little bit and my own sound woke me up completely when it happened.
    I get the chills even remembering this….. I think is just a dream though… mind can be very powerful.

  5. Holy monkey sh*t man! You got me scared. I have had the same thing happen to me! I was able to become fully awake after a few minutes though. It turned out that I was somewhere between asleep and awake and was turning the shadows I saw around in my mind. One of my greatest fears is that someone would come in and kill me before I could protect my child from harm. I thought I was realizing my greatest fear. If you live alone you may have a fear of not being able to protect yourself from harm. You may have been dreaming that you were realizing a fear. Head it off by taking some self defense classes. Or do what I like to do: practice slamming the clip into my “piece of mind” and firing off a few rounds at a range or owned property where you have permission.
    About the second time: You need to have a freaking airhorn by your head or near where your hand would be and attempt to fire it off. If you are dreaming, it may not sound. If you are awake it will certainly scare the sh*t out of your intruder and maybe he/she won’t come calling again. If it’s a ghost, she won’t get scared, she’ll probably just turn away again.

  6. Naa maybe it is just your head toying with you. Stuff like this happens to Randome people who have Really hard problems but are good problem solvers. For Example Maybe it was a Dream or maybe just an illusion made by your head cause by something that may be taughnting you like a problem… An Example is A persone might have a problem they cant solve and They think about it Small or big but they just cant. So the dream interprets that your problem is that shadow persone at the door way causing you to be Freeze and not do anything because you cant solve it. And that ”shadow” is at the door, the door represents the Goal that if you reach your problem is Solved… thats why the shadow figure is at the door because you cant reach it.. Its happened many times to me and when i solve a problem shit like this goes away.. I doubt its supernatural shit lol maybe never know but try to solve any problems that you got and maybe next time you might see that figure when your at the door.. Quick heads up dont be alarmed its just a hint that your Brain is upToDate and your Fine.. It whont hurt you! t
    wow thats crazy maybe its not phycological after all or not quite sure. Try Communicating to it… mentally.. DOnt freak out when you see it… stay calm and dont show fear and see what happens… Slow your heart rate when you see it and Try To make the shadow Feel Feared. Do a evil vs evil thing! Try it

  7. that is creepy! i would have wet the bed. did you see any scary movies lately that have stuck with you? sometimes the mind plays tricks in the dark

  8. yeah I know what you mean, I’ve been where I couldn’t move b4 and didn’t know why, I think that you were so scared and didn’t know what to do, your body just froze up in shock like you didn’t want to make the wrong move or something…super scary i know

  9. you went into shock (i think thats what its called) pretty much you’re brain either tells you to run or fight and i guess you just got scared so bad that you forgot to run

  10. Sounds like sleep paralysis. Try staying with someone for a couple of days while you get a security system installed. Don’t worry if someone wanted to break in and wake you up, you probably would have been killed or kidnapped by now.

  11. You were visited by one of the Shadow people, some people think its Aliens I believe they are demonic visitations that was set off by something you’ve been doing latley that they like! ‘Ive seen them to and so have people in my family, face it we ALL have bad habits and do things that are wrong that we know we shouldn’t do.Why these entities choose to only visit/harass certain people is beyond me. just cut whatever it is out of your life that you know is wrong and they will flee to somewhere else and find someone weaker to harrass.

  12. Oh crap, try to stay in doors for the next week. That’s generally an omen of death that you’ll die in 24 hours.
    Or it was just a really bad yet incredibly realistic dream. I’ve had that before, it’s no big deal.

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