• If you don’t want to be raped by the succubus, tell her to go away and leave you alone.
    Also, tell her you wish for her to rape me instead. Tell her that I would love for her to come and rape me.
    I am serious; because, I have been trying to get a succubus to come and visit me and would welcome a succubus with open arms.

    • The OP is obviously joking or is just… high. Do you even realize what you are saying? Hypothetically speaking that succubus is real, then the OP is dead and so are 500 other men, that succubus will kill you in a heartbeat for a hearty meal

  • Really, I am against spells but, try and do one. Also, pray. Praying always does good.

    Sorry, but I have to say this: The succubus is a lesbian! Sorry, but it’s true.

    Try calling the police, tell your parents. Stay the night with a friend.

  • Okay seriously! If you’re not joking…which you obviously are. Look it up yourself. But seriously. I know I don’t regularly advise this, but…uh, get laid? You have plenty of seeds where that came from. >.<

  • I don’t think rape crisis can help. If you are serious there is a spell to banish the succubus but I can’t tell if u are serious or not.

    Ingredients: paper, pen and ink, two mirrors, black
    thread, candles (black or white), salt
    water; myrrh oil mixed with comfrey, hemp, dwale
    (deadly nightshade), thyme, mullein, or
    any three of these herbs.

    Procedure: Write or draw on the paper what you would banish. Charge it with the full force of your repulsion. Anoint with oil, then with salt water, in the form of a waning moon. Fold the paper and place between two mirrors, with the reflecting sides facing IN. Bind them securely together with black thread or yarn and drip candle wax around the edges to seal. While you do this, envision the energy which emanates from the object of your
    spell being bounced back on itself, unable to pass the barriers you have set up around it. Say:

    “Your eyes are shut,
    your cord is cut,
    go back to the Mother
    with Death as your lover.
    So mote it be.”

    Take the spell to a place where it will not be disturbed and bury it, saying,

    “By night your eyes are blinded,
    by clay your ears are stopped,
    by earth your mouth is sealed,
    by rock your limbs are bound;
    Thus I lay you down to rest,
    still and silent in the ground.
    As I do will, so mote it be.”

    When you have finished the burial, kneel on the ground and say:

    “By all the power of three times three,
    may this spell harm no other nor return to me
    As I do will, so mote it be.”

    Hey who gave me a thumbs down? -_-

  • Not joking? Then dial 911, report the rape. I’m sure they can give you the help you need. Try looking in your local phonebook if you are “not joking”.

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