Home Discussion Forum last night a spirit mounted my body and tried to posses me?

last night a spirit mounted my body and tried to posses me?

So last night I was getting ready to sleep, (for the record this has been happening for a long time) only this time I can control it. there is a spirit and it mounts my body usually what happens is i can’t fight it i can mumble and say in a very low voice “help”. It goes like this… I feel a cold chill or not even I just feel real scared. When i go to sleep the spirit mounts me and suffocates me paralysis me or shakes me. the last time this happened I was able to see it’s face it was gender neutral but tonight i got to saw it’s arms and it’s body still i cant figure out what it is but I’m going to say it’s a girl. it was savagely trying to shake me or take something from me. it was crazy.
Some say it’s just sleep paralysis
Well my question is what do I do about it???


  1. rebuke it in Jesus name.
    if it is a demon type thing you need to cleanse your house with holy water.
    if its sleep paralysis tiring yourself out before you go to sleep or drink something warm to put you in a deep sleep.

  2. Sleep paralysis. I don’t say this lightly. I am a spiritual teacher, so it’s not like I don’t study esoteric principles. It’s sleep paralysis.

  3. It could be sleep Paralysis as you said. You seem to experiencing it almost when you drift off to sleep. With sleep paralysis it happens right when you are about to drift off to sleep, or you wake while you are sleeping.
    Now it could really be someone trying to posses you. In that case your best bet would be to contact a paranormal group in your area, and have then come out. Most groups have a Psychic or a sensitive that maybe able to help you or maybe talk to a priest.


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