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Lao-Tzu said that "the Universe surrenders to the mind that is empty", so would that make Sarah Palin a God?


  1. Well first we have to figure out who is more godly: George W. Bush, or Sarah Palin. Maybe Sarah Palin is the airhead goddess, and George the God of coinage?

  2. Amazing. Combining Lao-Tzu, Sarah Palin & God in the same question. You have my admiration, for what it’s worth. lol

  3. Naw, cause that would imply that Palin has a mind to begin with, however empty.
    Atheistically yours,
    JM Gendron.

  4. She would have to steal it back from Obama first wouldn’t she? I mean isn’t he the messiah? You people need to quit drinking the cool-aid. You have nothing on the woman so you resort to this. She is what every strong woman should be. He is what every black person wants to be. Correction, he has a job…

  5. No, just means the Universe cannot stand a mind so bloody well empty that it will cave in on itself. Sarah Palin is the beginning of the Big Crunch. Where the Universe collapses in on itself due to the massive black hole in between her ears.

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaahahahahahahhhhhhhhhahahahahahahhahahah
    This is funny!

  7. No, but it would explain why the universe is crying “uncle!” at the thought of her as VP. ;o)

  8. Well, if the Universe doesn’t surrender to her empty mind, then it’s bound to give-it-up to her frackin’ big gun.
    Either way, she wins.


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