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Ladies (feminist) at what age did you first come into your feminist consciousness?

What were the things that drew you to the ideology?


  1. I grew up in the 70s, and I saw a number of my friends’ mothers go through divorce, only to find they were prohibited from getting a mortgage on their own or a credit card in their own name. My parents taught me that I could do anything I put my mind to regardless of my gender, so it stunned me that there was still such flagrant discrimination against women.

  2. they felt oppressed when they were getting their massages, after they finished yoga classes that their men paid for
    TRACEY: hahahaha…………the whole world bleeds for you, trust me……LOL

  3. I was 13 when I first came into my feminist consciousness..my mother was what drew me to that ideology, she’s a feminist.
    It was 2 months ago when I became more of a neutralist, rather than feminist..for lack of better term.

  4. I was born in a third world country.
    My father JUST listened to the boys in the family, he always rejected me because I was the “girl”.
    In High School, male teachers told me that what was the point for me to study because anyway, I was going to have a husband.
    I was harassed, touched in a sexual way and insulted since I was 8 years old, because I was a girl translated to where I lived as : public property
    I was raped, because I was laughing
    I think this is enough info to say, that there is a long way to go for women to be respected and considered not as things but as human beings.
    At 14, I was already a feminist, and I still believe is a GOOD thing in Third World countries.
    Now I wait for the thumbs down as usual, but what I stated, IS a reality in other countries.

  5. i know that i have said this before….it was being raised my a die hard old school mexican male who he himself was raised in a world where women didn’t count…..but he taught me otherwise…….he raised me to be independent…..taught me to work on cars/trucks….he taught basic construction- plumbing, wiring and so on…….he taught me to box and to physical defend myself…..he taught me to speak my mind and to NEVER let anyone deter me from whatever my goal in life was/is….he taught me to read and never stop learning and to respect those who were different, be it religious or cultural, because they is nothing written in stone that says one way of better than the other……that was in the ’70’s around the age of 12-13

  6. I was told over and over in the 1960’s and 1970’s I couldn’t do things I liked because “girls don’t do that”. I’m a girl, and I did it anyway. I got punished a lot at home, church, school, you name it for not being “good”. I didn’t want to be a boy, I just wanted to run and climb and play when I was a kid and I did.
    I’m stubborn.I just kept doing what I wanted whether “women do that” or not. I don’t like being told what to do, let alone told what to do when there is not a logical or rational reason for it. Every time I”ve asked why women (and I) weren’t suppose to do something, the reason I got was usually extremely stupid. Feminism made sense-do what you are good at, not what you’re suppose to do because your’e a woman or a man. I’ve done most of the things I”ve always wanted to do. How many ppl can say that?


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