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Kundalini Yoga for beginning Yoga regimen?

Though I’m interested in Yoga, I’ve never practiced before. I have many friends who highly recommend the mental and physical benefits Yoga provides. I’d like to begin to incorporate Yoga into my daily life, hopefully just at home and at my own pace. While doing some basic research into the different types of Yoga, Kundalini caught my attention because (as I understood it) of it’s ability to help with self-awareness. But I also came across warnings of Kundalini Syndrome in every article I read concerning Kundalini Yoga. Especially to those who have never practiced. Would Kundalini Yoga be a bad starting off point for someone who is new to Yoga, like me? Or is there anything I should be aware of while practicing?


  1. Well, I never practised Kundalini, but I did some Taoist meditation, where you also bring the energy down after bringing it up.
    Of all things I tried I prefer Vipassana meditation, Goenka style. I find it the safest, and it is complete, and it’s donation based. You can find centers at http://www.dhamma.org
    Kundalini promises a lot, but indeed it’s not safe to everyone.
    If you do it, surely don’t exaggerate, and do it with good guidance. See for a school and look which people are attending the class. Do they really look happy? A teacher attracts students with the same vibration. So if you feel good with the other students and the teacher. If you feel calm down in his presence, then it might be ok.
    The reason why kundalini is dangerous is because our front is not open. Our heart is not open. We don’t digest the food, the information, the events in our life. We have too much of negative emotions. This is true for you, because you are looking for yoga for a reason. You cannot cheat your subconsciousness and your body.
    Kundalini is strong energy. Since it goes up the back, it enters the head. But it needs to go down naturally. Since the front is usually too blocked, it stays in the head, and you can get all kinds of symptoms of this kind of energy block, going from headache to mental diseases indeed. I have known people who have suffered from it for a long period, so it’s not for kidding.
    What I find important is that you understand yourself. Read books as ‘The Vortex’ from Esther Hicks or books from Byron Katie. Also interesting is Conversations with God, and A course in Miracles. They will make you understand some patterns we all have, and will make us understand important things about all our relationships.
    Then you can do some meditation to calm the mind and you will also experience some other things.
    As to relaxation and self-knowledge I can also recommend you Jin Shin Jyutsu. In order to experience some of it, you could do this exercise, twice a day :
    Lie down, relax, and feel for pulsations or other sensations, or just be present.
    After 21 days doing it for sure, even if it’s only for 6 minutes, but then be with it, you will feel what the practical side of JSJ can offer you. But the philosophy behind it is very interesting.
    And for body comfort I highly recommend Feldenkrais exercises. Also a lot about consciousness and very small movements. You can find things on youtube, maybe look for Anat Baniel, I bought some of her stuff, and recommend it. But there must be other good stuff out there.
    Good luck with your searching and understanding.

  2. I just began doing it a week ago and already noticed a difference my nerves are calmer and my stomach seems to have shrunk..
    I have been following the ebook on this site:
    I was a bit freaked out by what I read about people getting emtional and going psychotic.. I have done yoga in the past without any issues or benefits, I’ve only done this for a week and it’s helped.. I’ve had crying spells and a deep sense of sadness, but that’s because I’m in the healing process for abuse..
    what I did was take a free online chakra quiz, read about the varioius ones and then follow a diet, do excercises, and just only some basic kundalini yoga to help clear those chakras and balance my emotions
    I would see a pro if you are really concerned, take it slow and def I agree with the above poster seek out therapy, reiki, energy past life soul healing and do eft.. to help
    everything starts from the mind.. I think what happens is kundalini purges those out.. I’ve only done it for a few days and so far it’s helped though I got freaked out from what I read as well.. hopefully I don’t get into that state of mind.. most of my repressed issues and emotions I’m bringing to the surface

  3. I would say that unless you are seriously wanting to pursue ‘Enlightenment’ (which is very serious business), … you might be better off pursuing a form of Hatha Yoga, which is in fact a tool that is utilized in Kundalini Yoga and other forms of yoga as well. … Hatha Yoga will provide you with tremendous physical and mental benefits without necessarily moving you towards a kundalini awakening which is the goal of kundalini yoga and is a crucial stage in the path to Liberation.


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