Kundalini Shakti frees us from the limitations of the mind, of programing; which side of sanity are you on?

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The Whole In One

how do you pronounce “kundalini shakti”?

Celtic Peace Redux

I am freeing myself. It is not as difficult as I anticipated, but I still cling to much of my conditioning. Even so, I am feeling that I am on a path towards freedom which brings me forward every moment that I allow this freedom to merely happen.

Rob P

What at first appears to be a corrector eventually presents its self as a uniter. Uniting what was always ONE.
For those who are lost within the illusion yet seek, have such tools always available however they are only learning tools to teach us that they were never needed in the first place.
Blessings & Namaste


I don’t know what Kindalini Shakti is, I’m sorry.
But my mind is educated, not programmed.
Sanity is freeness of mind. So, then, my mind is free by way of sanity.
I’m going to the internet to get a definition of this, whether it is a religion, or a person
Colossians 2:8 says this “Look out; perhaps there may be someone who will carry you off as his prey through the philosophy of and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementarythings of the world and not according to Christ.”


Shakti gives us more awareness but doesn’t change our conditioning. We have to do that ourselves with much effort and consistency. Awareness is like a tool, only of value if used properly. Too many people have thought that awareness would automatically transform them and have perpetutated this myth. If those people had been transformed as they imagined, the world we live in would be much different that the one we live in.

the chameleon

in-sane… out-sane… in-sane… out-sane…
wax on… wax off… wax on… wax off…
I’m a little tea-pot, short and stout…
take me to your leader… for all your base are belong to us…
*cough cough*
What were you saying again?
Oh yeah… I’m on the in&out sane side… care for a double double? ;-P
(this is what happens when boredom and amusement mix!… entertainment!)
In addition…


Sanity is another word for conformation of the mind to fit within the perceived expectations of others.
There are many ways to free the mind but then there’s the problem of realizing the framework of the freeing mechanism and emerging.
and then…
– Here we are.


All sides.


ReallY ….??
does it free us from the limitations of mind… of programming ?
why does it put us first in limitations… or why programme us at all ?
can it be.. that she stretches the limits of mind to infinite….?
or programme it in such a way that there is a big ZERO on screen….?
a zero enveloping all in its womb ??
donno u tell me beloved …tell me in words what you sang ?

Chevalerie Classe

INSANITY! wooohooo…..


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