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kundalini overrated?

i was watching this guy on tv saying he had a kundalini experience
i was expecting for him to be a smooth talker
though when he was talking, it took a while for him to get what he had to say
isn’t kundalini suppose to make you think faster?


  1. His tongue maybe couldn’t keep up with his brain. Maybe the experiences cannot be easily conveyed by words

  2. Yes I personally believe that Kundanlini is totally overrated and has been for some time.
    As a matter of fact like you said with your experience a person comes to actually believe that he’s simply a smooth talker.
    Also in your question you state that you say that he may possibly be edible to help individuals think faster.
    The ability to help anybody think faster can be done in over a hundred different ways, and not simply by following the teachings of the guy Kundalini !

  3. Kundalini Yoga is very,very difficult to practice.My opinion is there is nobody at present day,who can claim to have experience in KundaliniYoga.If somebody claims,he/she is Not talking the truth.!!

  4. Kundalini is not as difficult or rare as a previous poster mentioned. It is often an unexpected by-product of meditation and has been experienced by many people without effort. This happened to myself on a 10-day meditation retreat, it started from the base of the spine and went up to the base of my skull and back down again continuously for a period of time until it eventually just climaxed in my head and my whole body burst in to vibration. I asked my teacher about it and he told me not to attach to it, he said it is a transient experience but which would only strengthen if I focused on it. After a while it can become quite irritating actually because it takes you away from stillness, therefore it is more of a hindrance to your development toward peace. So yes it is definitely over-rated and given way too much importance by all these new-age types or yoga buffs that are spouting on about it these days.


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