Home Discussion Forum Kundalini, need advice with this process.?

Kundalini, need advice with this process.?

Hi, I had a kundalini awakening in 1993 which has kept me on my toes ever since. Any advice about this experience? Sensitive to food, people, lights, computers, must rest often.
Thanks for your advice in advance.


  1. Try Immodium AD
    Hi, I’m trying to get suspended. Please report me as soon as you see me. Just to be sure that this answer violates community guidelines: No Chance Without Jesus is a C.U.N.T.

  2. When you have a kundalini awakening, you experience a life of quality. You experience food, so that you don’t eat too much. You experience love, so that you don’t indulge too much in sex.

  3. If you were formally trained the trainer should have first given you the process for safely returning the Kundalini back to the base.
    These are esoteric Eastern practices, which in my opinion are advanced forms of auto hypnosis. They have no spiritual value whatsoever.
    Best avoided.


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