Kundalini: Mysterious occult practice or the natural outflowing of Divine Energy?

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Please watch.
Panthers move, divine energy flowing. : )
Yes, people that don’t know Kundalini call it many names, not knowing it is life itself. : )

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Can this panther settle down?*sheeh* Patrick Bacon.


it is divine nature, it is our Animating Force “Executed” by the Mother Maya. It is supposed to be respected and loved like mother, it keeps us inspired and animated int his world and protects us.
How can mother be something mysterious, and i feel so so soo hurt when someone calls my mother , daemonic etc ..
Om Jai MahaKali. Hari Aum.
— Deito
Harirnama Harirnama Harirnama Kevalam.


Kundalini is Shkathi..It is divine..When this Kundalini is activated by meditation and it moves up and meets the SAHASRARA(1000 petaled lotus situated in the area of brain)..Divine powers unleash..


I suppose that outflowing and upflowing are the same thing, so yes !
The rising of Kundalini energies are the organic spontaneous response to the refining nature of the practitioner/spiritualist. Kundalini is defined simply as the manifestation of self~originating primordial awareness. It comes from within your being, and brings enlightenment. To see it as dangerous is self-defeating. It is the resistance to the emotional/psychic clearing that is inherent in it’s rising that can cause challenges.
There seems to be an inordinate amount of fear and concern around this practice in here….
it reminds me of the Christian mindset of women being the bearer of the fall from grace, that sacred wisdom is itself dangerous…..
I see this as a construct designed to keep beings down, to keep them from their birthright.
To know yourself as Divine ~ Whatever that may be for you ~ is the right of every living human.


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