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Kundalini: If it was so easy wouldn't a caveman have done it?

I’m sorry,
but wouldnt a caveman have done it?
Laff: I dont know


  1. The power of Kundalini is actually human in nature. It was STOLEN by Satan, and is generally being used now by satanic spirits to trick people into worshipping them. It’s likely that cavemen DID use it.

  2. “Cave men” probably were doing it. They developed shamanism and yogic practices and those experiments, experiences, and practices have been refined and redefined and carried down through the ages in different ways in different cultures. And it isn’t “easy.” I have “done it” (or, rather, I have experienced it). It is a process, not an event or an activity.
    Here’s a copy and paste of a response I gave to a similar Q last week:
    Kundalini arousal often occurs spontaneously and manifests as provocative and emotionally challenged episodes in one’s life. People often go through years of turmoil when this occurs even if they do have a guru and a spiritual practice. It is part of the deconstruction of the complexes within consciousness. There are very many meditation and ritual, and physical conditioning methods to assist in the catharsis of the so-called chakras so that a kundalini rising experience can occur in a benefiscent way. It is best to be involved in meditative spiritual practices that purge subconscious complexes (under supervision if possible) while also practicing exercises that strengthen the neurological system. Dabbling in meditative practices or having latent psychological/emotional problems while dabbling with meditative practices can lead to negative kundalini phenomenon and neurological disability that is hard to correct.
    For most persons who have a kundalini rising experience, the effects of the experience last a few days or weeks and then those persons go back to ordinary life although they may again have kundalini phenomenon and may also change over time. The kundalini experience is not an “event” although people talk about it and treat it as such, it is a process.

  3. kundalini:
    Somehow occultist have taken this word
    and completely altered its meaning from
    a dangerous way and have distorted its meaning
    toward something to be hoped for and eventually
    be rewarded with some blessing…….
    In reality Kundalini is the power of imagination,
    an extreme power in fantasy which supersedes
    a real function, when one dreams instead of acting
    the fantasy takes position for reality, this is the force
    of Kundalini which acts in all the centres and because
    of this force one may be satisfied with imagination
    instead of the real, a psychic force used to keep one
    within their present state, because if one could truly
    see their position in life and see all the terrible horror
    awaiting they would be unable to remain in how they exist,
    one would seek a way out because then one may sense
    how we are all hypnotized within our reality, the kundalini
    keeps one hypnotized with fantasy, to awaken in the
    sense of meaning is to become dehypnotized, the force
    of Kundalini keeps one asleep in the ordinary way,
    when we seem to be free towards objective transformation
    the force of Kundalini seeps in and keeps one in the imagination instead
    of the real, yes, caveman did allow this force to manifest,
    and now look at the world man has laid out for the planet!
    We all imagine how more wonderful the world may be,
    but humanity is frozen in imagination <>

  4. The journey of human evolution has also been the story of its spiritual evolution! There always is a time and place for every step in this evolutionary struggle, just as a flower bloom at the right time, so does the human soul. It evolves as nature would have it, not as we would want it to, no amount of pushing can help it in this regard, it would only result in spiritual burnout, as we see so often nowadays.
    We do evolve into our greater selves, but only when we are ready, heck we don’t even begin to believe in God till we are ready in our evolutionary scale. This diverse level existence, also allows it to create necessary opportunities of contrast for us, for without them, we would seldom be jolted out of our ennui, our stagnant or rudimentary thought patterns that lead to the jamming of our spiritual growth and also that of species as well. Having said that, we also do not grow till we have completely exhausted our need or desire to experience that level of existence, completely.
    It is only then that we become ready to freely move on to the next level, without exhausting our old tendencies we would only go, back and forth on the evolutionary journey, and this jerky movement is of no benefit to the larger universe, as it wants a smooth ride for us and also for itself.
    So it gives us ample time, sometimes of lifetimes, to experience a level or a kind of experiences so completely that we do not ever want to have it again, having freed ourselves from its pull, we can look at a former much-desired way of living or the object of our desire and still not stop or indulge in it, as dwelling on it in any way, would also mean staying attached to it, in one way or another. We simply need to keep on moving ahead, further with, and as the flow of life!
    Nature doesn’t hurry up things, and nor does it wants us to; so relaxing into who we are, is the only way to grow.
    Slow and steady has always been the way of nature, and will be. Simply because, it wants this journey to be joyride for all evolved, or should I say, a joyous flow!


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