Kundalini Epilepsy

What is kundalini?

Kundalini is a divine power of mysterious origin present inside the body and also spread in the entire universe. The invisible kundalini power present in a dormant state in all human beings as a spiral snake coiled three and half folds at the base of the spine.
This mysterious power can be awakened by many spiritual techniques and a common man wakes up completely with pure divine consciousness and integrates completely with God and receives many psychic and spiritual powers.
Kundalini awakening can also awake the different chakras which directly operate upon the dormant and hidden centres of brain.

What is epilepsy?

  • Epilepsy which is commonly known as seizure disorder is a neurological condition affecting nervous system in which a sudden burst of electricity in the brain causes partial or whole body parts involuntary movements.
  • A normal brain constantly generates electrical rhythms in a very systematic and organized ways. In epilepsy the normal rhythmic order is disrupted by some inappropriately neuron discharging signals causing uncontrolled shaking and jerking in body.
  • In partial epilepsy a partial part of the brain neurons discharging signals inappropriately then a part of body like arm, leg may shake on its own but if there is sudden burst of electricity in whole brain, the whole body may shake or may fall asleep for a shot time ranging from few seconds to few minutes which is known as grand mal epilepsy.

What is kundalini epilepsy?

  • Kundalini yoga is a science of self realization by constant physical and mental purification. There are five different types of energy forces working in the body they are prana, apana, samana, vyana and udana. These subtle forces work in a harmonizing and synchronizing way to influence the body, mind, emotions, attitudes and consciousness. When these forces work on a chakra which is not yet open there will be some physical movements in the body called kriyas which purify the physical, mental and casual bodies.
  • Kundalini epilepsy is presented as an unusual neurological complex or syndrome appearing among some mediations and spiritual techniques.
  • Sometimes these kriyas in their extreme form may manifest in severe convulsion and seizures misunderstood as pathological epilepsy. These kundalini kriya as seizures are non- epileptic convulsions which are auto- corrector, they not only eliminate physical diseases but also, purify our karmas.

Different Reasons for kundalini seizures:

  • Many meditative techniques have tremendous potentiality for evolution of latent human nervous system. These techniques trigger some latent brain areas causing something strong, unusual, spontaneously bodily reactions and psychological states like convulsion or seizures in the seeker in a very dramatic and unexpected manner.
  • Stress or negative emotions are accumulated energy patterns being stored in cells and tissues causing different physical and mental ailments. With higher vibrations of kundalini yoga the cellular level stress and toxins are converted and eliminated from the body with strong kriya like spontaneous seizures or convulsions in order to unblock and restructure the tissues to greater consciousness and systematic evolution of nervous system.

Signs and symptoms of kundalini epilepsy:

  • Electrical sensations in whole body is felt which further produces involuntary bodily movements like shaking, jerking and tremors and may be misdiagnosed as epilepsy or convulsion.
  • The aspirant can experience transcending sensation.
  • Low breath frequency of 3-8 per minute is observed.
  • Higher sinus arrhythmia amplitude is seen.
  • Higher EEG alpha brain waves were seen during kundalini convulsions. Sometimes there is increased activity of theta waves in certain circuits which were different from those theta waves found during normal sleep stage.
  • Spectral analysis of EEG during kundalini seizures indicates blissful states of aspirant correlated with coherence of anterior mid line frontal areas and posterior association areas.

How to differentiate between kundalini epilepsy from pathological epilepsy:

  • Sometimes the kundalini epilepsy syndrome is misdiagnosed as neurological epilepsy. Particularly in the case of uncontrolled and sudden awakening of kundalini, the physical symptoms are so intense and profuse that they may be falsely diagnosed as illness.
  • The kundalini epilepsy syndrome produces the sensations or tiny electric impulses moving in the body from the feet, up the spine up over the head and then down to abdomen and pelvis while in neurological and psychiatric epilepsy the electric impulses originates from the brain and travel down towards the feet’s.
  • In kundalini epilepsy the EEG shows higher vibration waves particularly alpha waves patterns while in neurological epilepsy slow brain waves like delta waves are seen in EEG report.
  • Sometimes in kundalini convulsions the seeker are given anti-seizures medication which either has no effect on their continuing conditions or make them feel worse. They feel much better when they stopped all medication.
  • Kundalini seizures are painless electric-shocks generated by activated brain cells which are not life threatening and if left without any resistance doesn’t hurt in any way.
  • With the advancement in spiritual practices the frequency of kundalini convulsion drastically decreases with time and after reaching a certain higher level the seeker becomes steady and quiet.
  • Sometimes during pathological seizure the person may foam at mouth which is caused by the buildup of saliva and slime in the throat, while in kundalini epilepsy mouth foam is absent.
  • Pathological epilepsy lead to loss of consciousness while in kundalini epilepsy the aspirant sustain his consciousness and much aware of his body conditions.

Benefits of kundalini epilepsy

  • As we progress in mediation we may face many spontaneous and systematic evolution of nervous system. This eventually changes the nerves, brain and cells until the whole body and consciousness is transformed to a higher purified state.
  • The convulsion discharges are basically the letting go of freeze responses from the motor area of brain.
  • The stress are negative energy patterns stored in cells, nerves and systems, the spontaneous convulsions or seizures converts and release the stored stress in order to unblock and restructure the cells for greater consciousness or higher vibrations.
  • In the advance states of kundalini awakening all the symptoms of stress gradually diminishes and the aspirant begins to enjoy a feeling of inner peace and tranquillity. He may feel very pleasurable and blissful sensations all the time.
  • The kundalini seizures eliminate all kinds of psychosomatic illness and mental diseases of the aspirant.




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Geeta Jha is a spiritual healer, an astrologer and a dedicated disciple of reiki-pranic and huna mystics. She has been helping people with spiritual healing and astrology for over ten years.

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