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Journeys Out of The Body : Bob Monroe

Robert Allen Monroe,popularly known as Bob Monroe, is a author of famous 1971 book " Journeys Out of the Body " and is credited with popularizing the term "out-of-body experience" . Bob Monroe was a New York radio broadcasting executive who later became famous for his research into altered consciousness. Following is a informative vintage interview with Bob Monroe circa 1979.

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The Kundalini Energy is the basic evolutionary force in every individual. It’s purpose is to drive us to reach for enlightenment. This energy lays coiled at the base of the spine until released, where the natural flow is then up the spine and out the top of the head, cleaning and refining the cells in the body as it goes and removing any energy blocks in its way. We all have a certain amount of this energy available to us at birth and throughout our life, but laying dormant, awaiting its release, is an abundance which we are able to consciously activate if desired, speeding up our evolution. A number of layers of the Kundalini energy are naturally released throughout a person’s lifetime, depending on the readiness and personal growth of the individual. This release happens without our knowledge, bringing us new spiritual awareness, psychic abilities, blissfull states and a general feeling of enlightenment.

Energy blocks throughout the body are caused by old emotional issues, stubborn attitudes and un-forgiveness, negative life experiences and poor posture. These energy blocks have a major influence on incorrect flow of this energy force. When the flow of Kundalini is blocked in its upward journey from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, it automatically restarts the upward motion, this time concentrating on the blocked areas as it goes. This process can cause physical and emotional problems and can take years to complete. For people who are unaware of this evolutionary force, the side effects of the Kundalini Energy can be mistaken for other physical problems.

The Kundalini cleansing can cause symptoms such as unexplained flu-like illnesses, chills or hot flushes mistaken for menopause, erratic behaviour, excessive mood swings, distortion or loss of memory, extremes in appearance – looking young one day and old the next, visual effects such as seeing lights or colours, geometric shapes or scenes from past lives or the future. It can create a feeling of losing control and with that feeling, the difficulty coping with everyday life. These overwhelming side effects of the Kundalini cleansing process can leave the individual confused and unsure of what it is they are wanting out of life, creating many marriage problems and being the catalyst to many a mid life crisis.

Involuntary release (where a person is not consciously trying to activate more Kundalini) can be caused by a variety of things such as a severe blow or injury to the tailbone, drug use, overwork, excessive fear, trauma, grief, excessive sex and even excessive meditation.

Voluntary release of more Kundalini energy can be achieved by a variety of visualisation, meditative and physical exercises.

To aid the Kundalini in it’s role of cleansing and refining the cells of the body and for our own comfort throughout this process, it is suggested that we do all we can in providing a clear path for the energy in it’s journey from the base of the spine upward and out the crown of the head. There are several things we can do to help with this process such as, clearing our chakras regularly of energy blocks via visualisation techniques, taking notice of and dealing with thoughts and feelings rather than continually blocking them out re-creating energy blocks, spend time in nature and take up a creative hobby. Nurture your body with nutritious foods free of preservatives and chemical additives and regular exercise during Kundalini cleansing is extremely important. Gain knowledge regarding this process so that you are aware of what is happening to your body and mind, know that this is an evolutionary process and enjoy the journey that is taking you one step closer to enlightenment.

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