Kundalini anyone?

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Have you experienced any sort of visuals while working with Kundalini? Tracers, flashes…etc? Please tell me about your experience.

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Pangel ~ coexist ~

no thank you
I have eaten


Whats does the big word with the k letter mean?

Rez Rostov

Just warm sensations so far, and a refreshing effervescent feeling in the head.

felix s

JoyofSatan . com <----Has plenty of meditations to stimulate your kundalini.


Kundalini yoga is good for health.
Yes, i felt visual flashes then feeling of relaxation.


ah? Indian yoga, unless using drug at the time.


I find work with it enhances my lucid dreaming and astral experiements.

Tom I

A violet blue dot in the center of my vision, which grows into swirling blobs encrusted with gold flecks. Flickering after I turn the light off…white sparks…auras…colours in my spine. Good things.


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