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kundalini and its awakening by male or female?

okay so somewhere in an online article from Swami Satyananda Saraswati I read that awakening kundalini for female involves intercourse while the male technique is a specific yoga (something about a chakra being in the vagina and the males somewhere else). Can someone explain what I’m talking about because I cannot find where I read this ><.


  1. Kundalini? Cunnilingus is better….LOL
    Seriously, As far as I know, kundalini is awakened by yoga techniques in both sexes. . No intercourse required, . But there may be something in Tantric yoga like that?

  2. This is garbage, this Swami is a sex offending fraud.
    Awakening of the kundalini can happen spontaneously, through yoga, through meditation, or through transmission from an awakened being. This energetic transmission does not require physical contact, let alone sexual intercourse.
    This man is a fraud.


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