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I am not the greatest person, I make mistakes everyday,I have always been in and out of the christian church, but recently I have found the need to know christ better, I feel I should be able to talk to him and know he hears me, instead of hoping he did, I want to talk to him more and more, I wish to learn how to communicate with Jesus better, I guess you can call it a spiritual awakening, how can I do this better, I know go to church but there is a lot of confusion in the church, I want to talk to him directly so to speak,meditate,help someone


  1. Jesus is a person, He is full of grace and truth, mercy and love. His greatest desire is for YOU to know Him as a person and to walk with Him in life, this life. I tell you this, He literally spoke to me almost 24 years ago and He continues to speak with me despite my failures and sin. Do not listen to those who deny Him. He WILL make Himself known to you if you will seek Him in truth. Tell Him your doubts, your fears and open your heart to Him . He will respond to you as He did to me. He loves you. He died for YOU. He is ALIVE and watching you read this. Listen closely. Ask Him to reveal Himself. And I will pray for you. I am His servant.

  2. well you need to talk him very often,i know what exact you are talking about.but what you need to do is tell him that you need to be closer to him and he will draw nearer to you. he will never turn you away no matter how bad you think you is. just confess your sins to him. for more info you can e-mail me.

  3. If you are a child of God you should be able to talk to him and be assured that he hears you, instead of hoping he does. One of the best ways to talk to God and know that you know He hears you is to read the bible.
    (Living words of God) The bible is a love letter to you from God, that’s one of the ways God speaks back to us.
    As you read the scriptures they will minister to your heart and you will know instantly that, that was a word from God.
    Once you began to read your bible you will find yourself getting closer and closer to God. Even when you’re not reading your bible you can still talk to God, just as if you were talking to a friend or family member, He is just that close.
    He said in His word (He will never leave you nor forsake you)
    Remember that God is in your heart you take him everywhere you go. Whether you’re at home, the office, the grocery store etc. He’s always with you.
    God bless you in your adventure.

  4. He speaks to us through the bible. Jesus taught us how to pray on the sermon on the mount. (Matthew 6:9-15) When praying in public say our Father, When praying alone we can call Him “Abba” or daddy. Just like an earthly father would not give their child a snake when they ask for bread, your Heavenly Father is perfect and just and would grant you anything you ask according to His will. That does not mean the new Yugo you have always dreamed of, but if you earnestly ask to know Him more deeply, would He say no?
    Absolutely not!
    Read Matthew chapter 6 and if you would like a very good commentary on Jesus’ most famous sermon (Matthew 5-7)
    Then get John Stott’s commentary called The Sermon on the Mount. It does a wonderful job of explaining what the “Christian counter culture” really is or should be.

  5. Engulf yourself in the word. Study the bible daily. You must hear this all the time, but believe me, I never knew how true this was until I decided to do it. Pray for guidance and wisdom. If you are genuine, God will not refuse. Just know that God always hears you.
    Romans 8:26 (New International Version)
    26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.

  6. Yes meditate is correct! Do you know how to go about it ?
    Ok, this is one way you can do it.
    Sit quietly in room, close you eyes if you must. Start by speaking from your heart – the yearning that’s is in your heart and just observes your mind at the same time. You will notice many thoughts and emotions arises to try and pull you away from God’s presence and staying in the present. Your thoughts may draws and cause you to wander to past events or future; like what you must do as soon as you get up . I won’t be surprised it’s thoughts about food or what you must do or says to this person or that person, etc by the time you are awaken again you realized you have lost that state of observing your own thought into lost in your thoughts. Often time, you may even falls into deep sleep and live in there as if that’s your real world. And indeed it is for the majority of us.
    Keep on working on this exercise of meditation for 15 minutes as many times a day as you like until you are in a state of objectiveness every moment of the day. When you can see and separate your own thoughts from that of outside influences taking in your head, you will be hearing God’s voice as naturally as breathing is to the health of your body, so will it be health to your soul spiritually.
    Hope that help. I pray God will help me to help your understanding in what I just wrote. If one’s heart is not pure – he can’t understand what I just wrote and neither can he really meditate in the right way. It’s just imposible!

  7. Read the bible until you can understand it.But before reading it ask the help of God to guide you in understanding it becasue if you have no faith in God, you will never come to understand the bible. Many verses in the bible are written in parables and not on its literal meaning. Do not join a false religion and if you know the bible, you can easily determined a false religion. You could easily detect on its teachings. Try to visit these contacts as my sources:God bless…

  8. Well, I found this Bible specifically for girls 13 – 16 and I love reading it, so you could find a Bible specifically for you…also, I find writing letters helps. I write a letter to Jesus – honest to God- and mail it. :0) It says on the front:
    777 Narrow Path
    Heaven’s Gates 77777
    It makes me feel like he is recieving the letter and reads it. Funny part is, somthing always happens after I write him…

  9. several ways
    quiet times everyday spent in meditation
    spend quality time in the Word
    learn the meaning of “fasting” and do this
    Jesus is about relationship
    spend time with Him
    Invite Him into a personal time and relax quietly and listen for Him to speak to you

  10. im going through the same thing, except as a convert.
    the best thing is prayer (for recieving His love) and reading the Bible (for knowing the facts, in general)

  11. I don,t go to church, i have my love for them at my home.I pray in bed closed your eyes tild your head up with hands like praying than ask can you hear me ,than talk to jesus or god it works but when talking used–your mine as talking not words.good luck keep trying be good is the right way.

  12. Read the bible, and ask him to reveal himself to you, it says to ask and he will reveal himself, it may take some time to hear he’s reply but i believe you will.

  13. A good way is to be still, reflect on all God has done, and ask God for spiritual guidance. Then open your heart and mind to God and listen.

  14. Going to church is nice. Praying is good. I find that throughout my day I talk to God in my head, I suppose it’s a form of prayer. I also do bible study, which makes me think of Him and say a prayer and renew my will to be a good person.
    I also find that making friends who have a love for Jesus helps me to connect better and more often.

  15. If you are honestly seeking The True Christian Faith feel free to email me. I will do my best to help in any way concerning the basics… one honest question will receive one honest answer to the best of my ability.
    If you are not of The Church, that is, “saved”, then there is no need to pray as God dose not hear the prayers of those not of The Church… you do need to get to know some of what the Christian thing is all about… I offer a place to start… not professional or slick in any way… just me going on about the God stuff a bit… if you are interested give it a look over.

  16. Honey, Jesus never existed. Stop talking to yourself and concentrate on doing some positive things to improve your life and the condition of our planet.

  17. Please listen to me….
    Praying to Jesus or going to church is a complete waste
    of brain cells…
    He doesn’t exist!
    GOSH! Why are people so stupid!

  18. Just keep talking to Him like you would your best friend. You will be able to hear Him speak back to you too. Before long, you will be speaking to Him all the time and life will be so much more fulfilling.

  19. If you are going to do that make sure you read the bible front to back first. I think if you do that you might not WANT to communicate with him.

  20. I think you’d be better off investing your energy in something else. I don’t believe there is a God.
    Spend your time in nature and that may help you find peace.
    Spend your time giving to others and that may help you find love.

  21. Prayer is your way of talking to God. If you believe in an almighty God then have confidence that your prayers are heard.
    Reading the Holy Bible is God’s way of speaking to you. Do you listen to Him as much as you want to be heard?
    Stephen Covey wrote in his book entitled, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” that one should seek to hear first then to be heard.

  22. Easyest way to talk to Jesus is to talk to him from the heart that way he knows that you wish to talk to him and he will answer pray in a quiet area and at a time that is quiet and peacful early dawn is a great time if you need any more help you can e-mail me i’ve been down this road and now I know that Jesus will listen to you

  23. The best way to talk to Jesus is to get on your knees and talk to him. You will know your answers when you open your heart to him.

  24. HE IS THE ONE who help me find the right pathway…. he is the man in my life… and he forgives, me for whatever i made. loves me unconditionally.

  25. You don’t need to know Christ any better than you need to know yourself.
    You don’t need him. You are God. There are no sins. There is no devil. There is no hell. We do not die. The Bible is nonsense.

  26. For me, the solution was reading the bible. I read it cover to cover, and then I read it again. Now my faith is firm (whereas before I believed in a rather vague God).
    Reading 1 hour a day should allow you to read the entire bible in 3 months if you read carefully (i.e. slowly), or 4 months if you get a complete bible.
    My recommendation: The New Jerusalem Bible, Regular Edition. If you are going to read it again, read an additional version. It is *very* helpful to read it through at least twice.

  27. When you’re alone, get on your knees and pray. Tell Christ that you’re truly sorry for your sins and for having offended him. Tell him that you open your heart to him so that you could know and love him more everyday. Submit your life to Christ and put all your trust in him. Tell Christ to make you a new and better person by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is important to keep building your relationship by praying everday at night atleast and reading The Bible. God bless.

  28. the purpose of the church is to give you the sacraments that jesus gave…which you cannot get outside of mass..
    also…no confusion…if there is an authority

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