Home Discussion Forum Know any good publishers that will hire a 13 yr old?

Know any good publishers that will hire a 13 yr old?

I am writing a horror story called the Blank Aura. It’s about this girl who is trying to get through high school, then he came. The dude that changed her into the feared vampire. Risika tries to help Justin switch Black Angel Posses but ends up changing herself. Can Risika over throw the Black Posse King and bring Peace to Chaos city? P.S. My friends read it and they had nightmares for over a week. Yea includes tears of blood and just-barely-escaped execution attempts. No, I am not going mad lol


  1. If your story is good I don’t think the publisher will care how old you are. Look up some publishers online, contact them and ask if you can send them your manuscript. Good Luck! Your story sounds great, who knows someone might make it into a movie.

  2. my daughter is 8 wrote her first book at 7 and we self publish, there are only 6 major publishign compaines out there and in order to get into them you really need a literary agent which is someone who is an author themselves and is already with these companies, for a first time writer chances of you getting into one without an agent is slim to none. I chose self publishing after doind a lot of research. We use a printing company right here in town and they give us all kinds of discounts. They want to see her succees in this. so, look for a literary agent not a publisher

  3. also DON’T send the full manuscrip. You send a double spaced out line of what the story is about…. you can find outline guidelines at your local library, ask and they will find a book to show you how it’s done, and also the first chapter…. again double spaced. all of it typed. You don’t send the rest of the chapters till they ask to talk to you. The smaller the amount of stuff you send, and the neater it is, will decide them if they are going to read it, or not. they will not read a full unsolicited manuscrip. but the first chapter and outline they will take the time to read.

  4. your not as good of i writer as you think probably you should let your skills develope more so they dont just blow off the whole thing and dissregard it. Sounds like a good story tho. If you want to write dont tell them your age put it under your mothers name or a suedoname

  5. I am a published novelist. I started writing when I was about eight. However, it took me YEARS to finally publish. Take classes and see if you can find a mentor, such as a teacher. Be really open to criticism – I will be blunt and guess from the why your question is written that your writing skills are not yet up to publication. But hang in there and learn! Some small presses will publish without an agent, but the larger ones will not. I recommend attending a writer’s conference, where you can take classes and talk to agents. Look on line. Some are specific to sci-fi and fantasy.

  6. I don’t think any publisher would dismiss you just because you’re 13. I just hope that this question is an example of a rush job, because if your whole book is written that way, you don’t have a hope in hell.


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