Ki,chakra and telekinesis???





Are these things real or just imagination?
I found a site about these things and it says its real!so is it real???


  1. Silly questions. Ki is life energy, not only do you have heat, but you have motion, and you have electrical chemical energy. Those are the obvious ones, but people who get into it will notice a sort of “other-worldly” component, but it’s really quite natural.
    Chakras are energy centers, the major ones are always there, if you didn’t have centers of energy, you certainly wouldn’t have human shape.(not that other animals don’t have some counterpart) Also note that the locations of the chakras also is equivalent to the locations of the endocrine system.
    I don’t know much about tk, but I do know for certain those who say these topics cannot be proven or disproven: Are simple-minded fools.

  2. I believe in it since ki like genki is energy, chakra is energy pools and such, and telekinesis is something you can do to bend with that energy, your mind, and such.

  3. I think it is but whom am I to say it is. Im not sure what Ki is . Chakra is a system within your body that helps the body function properly. When one meditates using Transedental Meditation it’s like cleaning house so to speak from the inside out. Telekineses is being able to bend spoons using your mind. With practice & deep concentration it can be done. You have to believe.

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