First, Keith Barry shows us how our brains can fool our bodies in a trick that works via podcast too. Then he involves the audience in some jaw-dropping (and even a bit dangerous) feats of brain magic


  • Come on guys, Keith already made it clear it is solely a brain manipulation, he doesn’t say its real, but makes sure its a trick. This is entertainment for the eye and a demo how our brains trick us sometimes. Whoever is displeased, just grow up a chill, don’t take everything seriously!

  • omfg. starting at 7:20 he uses his right arm to touch her back twice. this is bullshit. im dissapointed.

  • To everyone that’s proud of themselves for figuring out this is fake, he doesn’t pretend to be for real. So congrats.

  • I would have liked more explanation about how these tricks worked with human psychology, Maybe a short explanation on why we were fooled and what that means about the human brain..
    I can watch MTV to see this guys act.. not a TED talk. Come on.

  • that cup trick was shown on magic finally reveled theres a pieces of fish line or a hair on the bottom of the wood with the spike

  • The hand thing was annoying because not only does it cut away, but you can’t even figure out what hes doing in the first place. The effect is that I can’t follow him at all.

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  • i saw that show too but I think we can both agree that trick has no relevance to this one, the guy mixed them up after the magician already put the blind fold on AND the guy made all of the decisions.

  • Look at 11:04! As she lifts her hand, Keith lifts his foot off of the other guy’s foot to indicate the pressure release.

  • So you admit you’re trying to figure it out. So why is it wrong for others? If you don’t want to know, and want to figure it out for yourself, then don’t read comments on a magic trick. Of course we’re going to tell you how it’s done. We’re proud we figured it out.

    And some people get enjoyment out of being told. I do. I can’t test my own theories if I can’t check the answers. if that bugs you, again, don’t read comments on a magic trick.

  • Honestly, this talk is useless without showing us how it’s done, so we can actually learn something. That’s what these talks are about. I’m not even inclined to watch him–I’m just reading the comments to see how it was done.

    There are plenty of real magicians doing their act on YouTube.

  • At 0:59 he swapped his hands.

    Observe his 11:02 to 11:22 left foot.
    Barry has his left foot hidden with the table cloth, he did it since 9:01 Then he applies pressure to the man’s left feet. The pressure is synchronised to that of the lady’s hand movement to indicate the man to move his arm accordingly.

    At 17:05 the placement of cups was done on purpose so that Barry can feel for the heavier cup. Later all the shuffling was done with exchange of cup number location, using foot pressure.

  • Key things to pay attention to:

    1. Tablecloth is very long, obstructing the view of what’s going on behind it.
    2. None of the people were randomly chosen.
    3. 16:38 Assistant placed cups in such a strange way so that Magician has a justified reason to rearrange them. Cup with a spike is heavier, so he can tell where the spike is.

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