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Karma – Taoism – Balance – The Way – Do you Believe?

Taoism is the ying and yang: You’re response would be – Don’t you agree we have to have black and white, good and evil, sun and moon? So isn’t Taoism (with out ritual – of human pollution)not a religion? It is philosphy and thought only?!?! Don’t you agree? So this question and your answer are Tao: Action/Reaction! The Tao of Pooh a Must Read!


  1. Actually balance in nature appears at first glance to need black and white. But the laws of thermodynamics actually tell us that nature tends to work toward the lowest energy state, so pure black and pure white are always trying to become less so. Order is a high energy state that seeks a lower energy state. Swing a pendulum and eventually it will seek it’s lowest energy state even though for a seemingly long period it vascilates from one side to the other… Being at peace is finding that spot between the ying and the yang or finding the non-taoist point!

  2. All religions teach some truths. I agree that Taoism as a philosophy teaches much wonderful wisdom and truth. I also do not discount religious Taoism though. It is effective for many people in living their lives. Its rituals can be effective for furthering one along the path of the ultimate realization of truth, compassion, and peace and harmony with nature and all beings.

  3. I agree that Taoism is not a religion, it is not polluted, but it is more than a philosophy, it is reality. Forget the Tao of Pooh, read the Tao Te Ching and the Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu.

  4. These concepts are indeed majorly philosophical, because they do not definively adhere to one God, however they do have similarities to rationalism and transcendentalism, so they are considered relgion.
    When I speak above, that excludes Karma, an integral part of Hinduism.


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