Home Discussion Forum Karma.....can someone please clear this up for me :)?

Karma…..can someone please clear this up for me :)?

I have always liked to believe in Karma …but have become doubtful starting to think deeper… maybe I am wrong.. So many of endure horrible childhoods that we never did anything to deserve… and then potentially grow up to be good moral people…. why do some of us just continue to have negative even horrible things happen in our life that we don’t deserve….
Just for the record I am not a believer in a one religion …. if any at all
🙂 Thank you..


  1. some people think that we’re here to learn. we have to go through things, both good and bad. once we learn whatever it is, we move on to the next lesson. that next lesson may, or may not, be in another life
    sometimes, however, we come back to teach that lesson to someone else

  2. Everyone has horrible things happen to them, but then again you most likely have a lot of things most people do not. You just have to look at it from a different perspective. Just keep on keepin’ on and good things will happen. =D

  3. The people that go through those bad things always end up stronger for it. So in a way it may not seem like it but you do get something good out of it. The old phrase “whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger” is very true.

  4. Karma doesn’t mean good things happen to good people. Not necessarily. If someone does something bad to you then Karm can’t stop it. Hwa tit wil do howeve ris make sure that whoever did that bad thing will get their own back. To get good karma you don’t hve to be a good person. Be ong a good person on the inside really doesn’t count for much. You ahve to do good things. If you do somethin good, then something good will come of it. It doens’t mena bad things won’t happen because bad things are usually caused by bad people. What it means is that somehting else good will come your way and whoeer did the bad thing to you will get their own back.

  5. you bring up a good point… but i always beleive what comes around goes around…maybe people dont deserve cruel treatment or something….we dont know what Gods plans are but one thing i can tell you from personal experience is that whenever i did something or screwed someone over it came back to me and bit me in the butt same goes for other ppl i know whenever they did something bad to someone or something they got what had comin…and for those who struggle maybe God is testing their faith or strength because maybe he needs us to be strong and know that we beleive in him and wont give up

  6. 1) “Karma” is Sanskrit for “activity”. It does not have good or bad qualifiers until humans interpret the activity.
    2) Karma is intimately connected to the idea of reincarnation. Anything that seems undeserved is generally attributed to a previous life. (1)

  7. ok, your last sentence cleared it up for me—unfortunately, my advice may not be counted as trustworthy since it does require a bit of faith. But if God created the universe He can do anything, right? Well sometimes He does things that make us confused as to His motives why He did those things, but it all comes down to His Permissive Will. This is simply that He allows things (like Hitler) to rise that may fester or become a nuissance to you or I. And sometimes we wont know why He’s allowing it??
    But be assured there is a higher Purpose for the things that occor in life—the Bible says that there are no coincidences!
    So, if your Saved, rest assured that Karma is not in control of anything! Only God IS!

  8. The world religions that hold to Karma also believe in Samsara, charvakka, or re-incarnation. If you are living bad now they would tell you its because in a previous life you did some horrible things.
    I think the Bible has great answers to this question though. Check it out!

  9. We live in an imperfect world. People commit acts of evil against one another. People have a sinful (bad) nature and demons exist as well.
    But God exist and God is good. He saves us in the end. Read below to find out how to be saved.
    (To be saved speak in your head, or out loud where you are):
    Admit to Jesus that you have done wrong and that you want to change and do right.
    Believe Jesus is God and receive Jesus as your savior.
    Commit to and follow Jesus.

  10. This is a very good question, that I will glady answer as a very enthusiastic Karma practicioneer. In order for me to answer the question, I will have to explain a lot more about Karma than most normal people know.
    You see, Karma is an inescapable force. It is a force of pure justice.
    With Karma, one’s virtues (Intentions) result in either reward or punishment fitting for that virtue.
    This ‘Karma’ (Good or bad) is constantly being generated by an individual. Good karma, results in you feeling happy. Bad Karma results in you feeling bad.
    It is often mistaken that physical ‘Actions’ are what result in punishment or reward. This is not the case.
    You see, if a person does something good (Let’s say, bakes someone a pie) but only because they expect something in return, then bad karma will be generated. If you gave a person a pie simply to make them happy, then good karma will be generated.
    So it is important to examine your ‘virtues’ or ‘intentions’ behind all of your actions.
    Incidentally, doing good deeds only to gain good karma results in bad
    There is no way to abuse the Karma system, no matter how clever you are. Only people with truly pure intentions to do good can gain good Karma.
    It is often mistaken that Good karma makes ‘Good things’ physically happen to you. This isn’t always true, because there are many rich, beautiful people out there who are unhappy. Good Karma will make anyone, regardless of their situation, feel happy and content, in love or inspired. Karma manipulates your feelings. A poor man can be flat broke, but if his Karma is good – this will not make him miserable.
    Its vice versa for people who are seemingly well off (Rich, attractive) but actually miserable. This is why many people who have had terrible childhoods, can still be perfectly happy people.
    Aside from all this, the idea of Karma supports the idea that everyone has past lives and different lives that they will live after their present one.
    “Innocent” new born babies are born with their carry-over good or bad karma from their previous lives. Some people are simply going to have to live miserable lives to make up for their accumulated negative Karma. Likewise, many people are born with great karma and will have no trouble in life. Although it is difficult to find someone with absolutely no negative Karma.
    The reason for Karma is for guidence. Aside from the blunt reward and punishment system of Karma, it’s goal is to shape you into a better person. To point you in the right direction and to serve as a universal ‘Right and wrong” compass, regardless if you believe in Karma or not.
    It is said in the laws of Karma that we are never supposed to judge people who have bad things happen to them as ‘deserving of their misfortune’ because of their bad karma. Simply have pure virtues towards everyone and everything, and your karma will stay good.
    I definitely had fun answering this question.
    And I hope that these finer details of Karma help you to understand more of what’s going on around you.

  11. Hi — Karma is generally believed in by Hindu’s and Buddhists…. Those types also believe you get bad Karma from previous lives because they believe in reincarnation…..
    Hence bad things can happen to you in this life even though you may be a good and decent person…… Of course there are flaws to this philosophy… There are more people in the world than ever — 6 billion — there aren’t enough souls to go around for all these people to have been reincarnated…..
    Anyways I wouldn’t buy into the karma stuff too much…. I do believe in this universe there is some kind of karma — Call it god, call it the devil, call it the cosmic retribution — who knows — blame it on major league baseball…. For some folks that do bad things it seems bad things happen back to them in strange ways and rather quickly…. and others lead good lives and it seems as if something bad always happens to them… Gods predestination???? I haven’t a clue…… I err on the safe side and don’t get involved in shady stuff or get real mean — For me karma (if that’s what it is) always comes back quick — so when I get real pissed I just take a deep breath and relax………

  12. The answer to you question is that not all actions get their results immediately. Imagine life as going through a bunch of pendulums, and each pendulum you swing to one is an act that you do (and further say that swinging to the right side is a good act and left is bad). Imagine you are at the 25th pendulum and you swing the pendulum to the right (a good act) but something bad happens to you–that’s because, well, the first pendulum (which was swung to the left) is just returning. For a more concrete example, imagine now that Bin Laden dies and is reborn (as a nice innocent child). If the Bin Laden-reincarnate suffers, would you be as merciful? While this law may seem harsh, the suffering is actually a form of cleansing…it’s bringing closure to the original act.
    It’s simply Newton’s 3rd Law. Karma means action. Every action has an (equal and opposite) reaction (for example, swing a pendulum to one side, it reacts by coming back to the center). So, any ACT in the universe is Karma. The Law of Karma simply states that an action is always paired with the reaction.
    Actions are not limited to physical actions…there are mental actions too, and this is how it mostly relates to human beings. When you perform an action physically, there is a mental counterpart–your intention. That intention, which is an action, will have a reaction. For example, if you intend good on someone, you are creating an action which will return with a positive, desirable result. If you get angry at someone, the emotional act of getting angry bounces back in equal measure in the form of misery.
    Reincarnation is a necessary aspect of Karma, because the reaction doesn’t always come back immediately after the action is performed. For example if you had hatred to someone just a few seconds before you die, there would not be enough time to receive and experience the reaction, so you would need to be born again for that very purpose. So, in this life time, we experience the effects (reactions) of many unfulfilled actions from past births, as well as past times in the current life time.


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