This word ‘Kali’ has to be understood. Kali is the mother of time. In Sanskrit time is called KALA, and the mother of KALA is Kali, mother of time. But the mother of time is beyond time. Time is born out of it, but the womb out of which time is born is eternity.

Eternity is the mother of time. Time is just a reflection of the eternal. The Bauls worship Kali, the mother of time; they worship eternity. They seek and search eternity — not that which changes but that which remains always and always, that which is beyond all flux, absolutely permanent, unmoving. They seek that hub of the existence. Symbolically it is called Kali.

This word ‘KALA’ is very meaningful: one meaning is time, another meaning is death.

The same word means time and death. It is beautiful, because time is death. The moment you enter into time, you are ready to die. With birth, death has entered into you. When the child is born, he has entered into the realm of death. The birthday is also the death day.

Now only one thing is certain: that he will have to die. Everything else is just uncertain; it may happen, it may not happen. But the moment a child is born, the moment the child has taken his first breath, one thing is absolutely certain — that he will die.

Entering into life is entering into death; entering into time is entering into death. Time is death, hence the Sanskrit word KALA is very beautiful. It means both time and death.

And Kali means beyond time and beyond death. Eternity is deathlessness. How to find eternity? What is the way? One has to understand the process of time.

Kali is a symbol of now, of the eternal, of the absolutely real. To live moment to moment and not to bother about past and future is the way towards the novel man.

Excerpts from Osho Book The Beloved

Mother Kali. She is both life and death, the giver and taker. A beautiful black woman, black like death; a beautiful woman, but very dangerous – so dangerous that she is dancing on the body of her own husband, almost killing him. Shiva is lying there and she is dancing on his body almost crushing him. And she wears a garland of skulls, and in one of her hands she has a cut head, freshly cut with blood dripping from it.

In the West they cannot understand why a mother should be so dangerous, why a beautiful woman should be depicted in such a dangerous and terrible and horrible way.

Hindus know better. They have penetrated the mystery of life better than anybody else. They know that sex and death are so close, so close that they are almost one. And when the sex center starts throbbing and spreading its waves over your body, the death center also starts throbbing. That’s why orgasm has become just a word. You don’t achieve orgasm in sex – you cannot. Unless you accept death you cannot achieve orgasm, because orgasm means losing all control, orgasm means losing all mind, orgasm means the whole body throbs in ecstasy, every fiber and every cell of It. The whole body celebrates in an unknown bliss and the mind is no more the controller and the manipulator.

In the East, particularly in India, we have the image of the goddess Kali, the mother goddess, Kali.

She is both a great lover and a great destroyer. If you have seen the image or any picture you will be puzzled – particularly people coming from the West are very much puzzled – but it has a great psychological insight in it.

Kali is dancing on the chest of her lover, Shiva. In Sanskrit Shiva means one aspect of God, and Shiva – just a little difference in spelling – Shiva means God, Shiva means corpse. She is dancing on the chest of Shiva, destroying him, making him into a corpse. Shiva is becoming a Shiva! She has a garland of human skulls around her neck and in one hand she holds a freshly cut head, blood coming out from it.

Why this strange image? It is not strange, it is tremendously psychological: the woman has great power because she is intuitive. Hence Lawrence is right when he says:


Quotes from Osho Book Theologia Mystica

Kali is also considered as a aggressive form of durga. Her tantric sadhna is considered as the most dangerous path, in NIRUTTRA TANTRA” shiva had said”one should worship kali only when he is virabhava (means a hero,a man with courage) or divyabhava(divine).


  • Hello All; in August of 2017 I heard the call to shamanize, and I accepted it by enrolling on a shamanic medicine workshop due to commence February of 2018. In January of 2018 while on my bed, I were nearing sleep, though I were still conscious, when my inner-ears heard and delivered the ‘sceptre of Kali’. Three days into the shamanic medicine workshop, I receive a Healing from a shaman within the dreaming wheel, that I am ‘red belly black snake’ totem, and so it were an initiation into my own snake medicine; but it were more than that; prior to entering the circle, the Spirit spoke through the shamans voice and says ‘I have been waiting for someone like you!’. This was not of any great substance so I put it aside. Approximately 6 months ago, Kali visits me in my dream, and she appears right in front of me, I am focused on her face; a lighter shade of dark-blue, strong facial features, very mission focused and straight-to-the-point, she asks me if I am ready to receive, and I promptly said yes, and with no clue as to what I were receiving, and she unloaded her message to me in a matter of seconds, however I did not understand any of it as it were spoken too fast, not as like a different language, but likely due to a difficult connection, and so her message was too high a resonance for my translating; at the end of her lightning fast message, she could see I was not integrating her words so she cast out a word in English to finish off, it was the name of a Mycenae King; She also cautions me briefly of the Cabal; After medicine course back in Feb 2018, I left still ‘activated’ and for two weeks held the Earths atmosphere like a ‘radio’ to my ear, and perceived the Pantheon of Light; they whom of tough-Love and they so Divine, could feel and sense they in the Sky; in a hotel now, I focus on my activated senses and work myself into a trance, I begin my ritual dance, new dances this time, at the same time ancient languages come through, ‘Ra’cha Hu’ma’ ha!’ (the translation of this was ‘these are words of frustration!’) also chants came through strong as I danced on an imaginary circle ‘Fida Fin!’ ‘Fida Fin!’ and it means ‘praise the gods!’ I have only realised now, several months later these were messages for Humanity, and not just for me. Integration has been slow, and Spirit have been utterly and necessarily brutal to wake me into Service; and so it seems very true indeed; Kali is here to judge us all, though I do not feel malice from her, I only feel Love, and often with a punch lol, but I will say Gaia is safe, and that your actions NOW will determine also whether you are safe or not /blessings to Humanity, she Loves you all… she is pleading you all to do more healing, the lands and ancestors, seas and rivers and trees… please!

  • Did goddess Kali ask for the blood of innocent animals as mentioned in kalika puran and if there is only one God then why no animal sacrifice before Lord Vishnu

    • No she didn’t ask for it… Actually Gods & Goddess never ask us humans anything they just watch over us all the time & help us if necessary… It’s the humans who started the ritual of sacrifice to worship Maa Kali… According to Kalika purana it’s clear that she hates cruel people & doesn’t like these kind of sacrifices.

    • Bro u should be very open to she says ‘the one who is sinner is always afraid of me’ but if pure heartedly connect to her with ur inner voice which is from ur inner self she will definetly show u path.she is a ferocious lover and she love her childs wildly so wildly that she has no limits of her love.just pray to her with eyes closed and talk to her with inner voice like a son talk to his mother.and she will come and grant u liberation.

  • Here a Diff. Problem with me A Kali enter in my body but with my permission without my permission she not enter in my body.
    She loved me too much A mother And a friend.
    For this love I am Feeling she destroy any person for me.

    Here problem is that I never go Kali Mandir and not worship her

    I am worship shiva I am feel shiva with me and Kali must come with him to see my relaibitiy against shiva.
    Because I bilnd for shiv and every time take name ‘BHOLA’. That my feeling is hard for shiv so feel shiv near me.
    After some time feel Kali also. Why

    Now heard the sound shiv and Kali also like they talk with me

    Both are shy u are our child. And we love u too much. We donot want anydoby heart u.

    • Shivashakti is one.
      Where there is shiva there is Shakti.
      Where there is Shakti there is shiva.
      On earth we see everything in duality..good n bad..
      Female n male..
      But it is one..
      Male has both genes of male n female both
      Female has genes of both male n female.
      On earth we separate each.both are same.

    • You don’t need to force upon worship, it has to manifest naturally into you. Whether to worship Maa Kali or other goddess or god completely depends on your heart and inner voice. It will come automatically to you “How to worship Maa Kali”, wait for the miracle to happen, Just go on doing good deeds and your regular karma.

  • Would you please give me a solution how to compensate or start redoing kali konkali mahakali mantra as I had a break for two days whereas the mantra was supposed to be done in 31 consecutive days…please reply me soon. Thank you.

  • Maa Kali is the most loving mother.
    She never hurts her don’t need to go to any guru.majority of them are fake.and the geninuine are hard to find.
    If u love her like your own mother she will never betray or desert you.
    They say some mantras can be harmful without guru’s advice.but don’t forget the gods we pray to are even beyond these guru’s.
    Go to maa Kali and be straight forward and tell her ,mother I am going to recite your mantra for a particular desire.I know no better guru than you yourself.please fulfil my desire and guide me like your child.and I guarantee she will never disappoint you.

    Her mool mantra is “om Kreem kalikaye namah”that means I bow down to you maa Kali..(pronounce the mantra correctly which u can see on utube).

    Lately I have faced so many problem which are beyond your comprehension.but she have always protected me and has been guiding me all thru.

    May her blessings shower on you !!!

    • Very well written Sapna…I do have the same views as you said…there cannot be any guru better than ma herself….i dont trust in taking dikhhas or worshipping gurus…or worshipping the deity via any guru….i feel this is more like an antenna which we used to have in ur good ol days to run our television. Ma loves her children and all her devotees.. Jai ma

      • worshipping mata via gurus is must important for tantra puja or aradhna or we can just talk to her with eyes close from our inner self bcoz maa resides in every human as a source of energy she has different forms of herself for different worshipping but no worshipping is greater than love connection with her.jai bhavani.

    • 100 % Sapna , The greatest Guru is Ma Kali and Mahadev ,I also take both as my Gurus and I not have any fear as I know they will guide me .

  • I have a problem with this same thing, my grandmother did something and i dont know what. She suddenly started crying and she was standing infront of her room. It was 12.30 when it happend, then i ask her what is wrong why you crying? She told me and my sister she cant tell us, she then sat on her bed the hole night and cryed. The other day she started worshiping some one i could see and talkng to someone, the day after that she started puling her tong and eyes and her hole body trimble while doing that and then she let her self fall back, we have bouth her to the dokter the same day, the didnt found anything. Iam living in Suriname cant someone please help me? In my country we dont know much of such things and it hurts seeing someone you love going treu so much pain and not able to do something

    • Hi Vidya
      Great to know you live in Suriname. I have visited the country couple of times. I would be going again in March / April. I would be keen to understand more about this problem. I am an ordinary person , I go to Suriname for my business. I also do Puja of Ma Kali. As everyone says she is like true mother , she never can harm any body. Pls check if your mother has kept any photo of Ma Kali but not doing regular puja may be.

  • I like kali mata sooo much that i think of her while sleeping…
    I love her for being a kind mother.
    However i dont like ppl worshipping her for black magic to hurt others .

  • Aba a pagal ho kya tum log sab kali maa…tum log ko maar degi…be carefull..kali ke shaam ne kiski bhi nhi chalti h jo karna h karlo…muje pata h kesa bach sakte h tum log kali maa se….jai maha kaali

    • abe o sun wo hum sabki maa hain wo hmare sath jo karna chahe kare tu hmari mata ko badnaam krne wala kon h be.

  • Hello,
    It actually happened few seconds before..
    I am facing some hurdles in my life and I started chatting Kali mata beeja mantra(om hreem kalikayai namaha) from past 5 days.
    Couple of days back while I was asleep I heard someone’s anklet sound.. The very next day (mid night) while I was meditating on mata kali I felt someone is walking on the roof of my house ..
    And now after meditation when I bowed down myself to mata kali all at once everything went dark… Its completely dark and I felt like whole earth is rotating drastically..
    Can you please tell me what exactly is happening .. Thank you

    • Pranaam, my self premchand son of maa kali, I love her as a mother and she is my every thing also she is eternal. Beej mantra of maa kali are Om kreem kalikayei namah, Om kreem, Om kreem kreem kreem, Om hreem kreem kalika hreem kreem swaha etc not Om hreem kalikayei namah. Beejakshra mantra is Kreem

  • My uncle gained kali power 1 years ago automatically while worshiping in Kali Kamaru mandir. It came up into his body automatically without doing any kali sadhana. It was the mandir of Kali kamaru mai(Ban kali) in a forest

    At that moment, his body treambled a lot and became uncontrolleable for some time. He has been worshiping kali Godess at home after that moment. He had mantra power of kali after that moment. More often, he used to tremble whenever he thought about Kali deeply or while in he was worshiping her. He has been using kali mantra power on treating people’s illness, getting lost thing back and on good deeds.

    But these days, he is feeling as if he has lost her (Kali’s)power since the power isn’t working as before. He is nowadays feeling as if he doesn’t have that kali power and isn’t Treambelling. He is feeling as if his body is lighter than before. However, he is worshiping or prayng her as usual. He is praying her every morning and evening as usual. But why he is feeling so?

    Could you tell me why does this happenened to him?

    • Adesh Adesh ji
      Ahamkar, sometimes talking too much about powers, or reveling secret mantras or expecting / accepting gifts or favors in return weakens the grace of God….
      Once gone these powers never come back….
      Penence may help



    MY CONTACT NO. IS 90170-55810

    • Kali Maa is probably trying to shake you into becoming a better person. For whatever reason, she is teasing you and scaring you … maybe you have done something to irritate her, or you prayed to her for something very intensely and then when you got it, you felt you achieved it on your own … or something like that.

      You can stop being bothered by her by apologizing to her first and then praying to Vishnu and Brahma … the bringers of stability and knowledge. Even prayers to them will help only if you first apologize to Maa and listen once to what she has to say to you in detail, before requesting her humbly to leave you, as you are not ready to receive her/ face her.
      So basically, you have to face her once, hear what she says (and she will say it out loud and scare you to death) and then apologize to her and request her to leave you. Then start praying daily to Vishnu & Brahma.

    • Dear friend do not fear,pray to the one true god and your saviour Jesus christ who is the truth and the way the light which leads you back to the source.he who came to the lower heavens to show you the way back to the higher heaven.He is love, he is life not death….Be at peace and ignore any fools who laugh at your fear for they are in themselves deceived by the demons of illusion…God brought me to this site for a reason to lead you to that perfect light….So be at peace it is only through false doctrines that you are then held in fear….Only false gods have power over you to hold you in such fear….Kali does not exist in my life nor do i fear the fake or illusionary lie…..The true god delivered his people out of bondage of mind, body and spirit….Find peace within your heart and know that god is with you….Fear not rebirth for it is also fake and an illusion…You are not locked in the cycles of birth and death because jesus broke them lies….Ravinder be at peace..God is with you…raphael,michael,uriel,gabriel,omitron….Free you from the bonds…

    • Dear it is not possible to go away from KALI if she wants you to be there to worship her it means she might be your KULDEVI you can’t treat your kulmother In such a way and u don’t need to fear from her she is mother of all and u are son so think good and worship her going wrong way means. Making her angry

    • Pranaam Maa is very kind hearted kindly prey to her, she is not irritating you she wants to say something to you, pray maa kali she forgives to you .

  • Dear friends,
    We must have a good instructor(guru) at first when we are doing sadhana.we must receive the mantra from him.Kali mantras are very powerfull and also dangourous.If we are doing sadhana without guru,it will lead us in great difficults.If we are chanting the moola mantra continuely after some days we can feel something happening in our surroundings… That is the sign of the kali that she is near with that time we can see her but it was not like we are thinking.we will get be scared and lost our mind.We can’t treat her properly at that time because of the scare.All matters will come badly.we can’t resist or apologise to her at that time..So please find a good guru at first..and also pray with peaceful form in mind.

  • Dear Viewers,
    I’m in love with her wulsand vibrances look ..she is really beautiful …but the thing is can anyone guide me with the exact way to do her Pooja(at home) I mean what are the offerings that can be done. I am just not expecting anything in return from Maa Kali but to just want to know deep about her.

    • What would a mother want from you? Absolutely nothing apart from your love. She is ” Jagat Karanee” the cause of causes. The ultimate reality. Whatever you wish to give her,it’s already hers to begin with . Anyway whatever you wish to offer her do it with all your loce. Take her as if she’s your real earthly mother. Do not for one moment believe she us dangerous to approach, these are just tales of people who have no idea who Kalimata is.

    • Maa is very kind hearted worship with red colour materials( flower,food,cloth,sindur) kindly see YouTube ultimate gyan channel for more about worship

  • Kali Mother is the best… she helped me and my husband in many ways in our bad time we just pray 2 her, she will sort all our problems in her own way.we fell her every time my Kali ma…. is the best, mother kali never hate her kids she help us all the time but never forget her, you will regret kali ma…..

  • She is as real as you want her to be. I feel her often in many ways, although I was not brought up to venerate MaaKali. She has many forms, although I don’t see her in the image as the ones displayed in the temples.

  • Kali maa is one goddess to pray to deliver us from sins – why would one want to do tantric sadhana .it will be mere foolishness to take mind again in negativity pray to God not have an birth again on earth …that would be a splendid blessing to pray for

  • I went to temple for the first time I got a reading from the punjari he told me I have to do 5 weeks special devotions to kali maa and 1 kali cook puja ok I can understand the devotion part dats with offering fruits but can somebody explain the cook puja thing for me plz

  • Mother has a fierce form yes, the fierce form of a mother who protects her child. Why do people lives get screwed when they do her puja? because they beg for evil, they try to bribe her to do wrong, and she punishes them as any good mother would.

  • i am not Hindu but interested to know about Hinduism. Would you tell about somethings and first tantric sadhna of kali and introduction of kali…?

    • Hi John,
      If you are interested in learning hinduism, if you think you are seeker for truth, want to do sadhana, to find god. Then, it is strongly recommended that you should visit and you may also get help from center in your local area to experience and learn unlimited.

  • This is my own experience with kali maa ,I didnt worship her since childhood i belong to south kerala and im married to a north indian in their house they worship DurgaMaa,I shared my childhood nightmares to my ,in laws I always used to see a black thing it really made me sick as well as a coward ,im not self confident ,Im afraid with each and everything,then my father in law bought a Kali Mata’s Photo and asked me to worship her ,at first all started telling tht no one should keep maa kalis photo at home ,if something goes wrong it will be so hard on us ,But I did what was good and started doing pooja ,and one day the most wonderful night of my life i saw a black women taking tht black thing away from me ,believe me guys till now i didnt see something like that.
    Jai maa kali ,
    she is there for those who wanna feel her.

    • Ya bro she is parabrahma swaroopini(goddess almighty).I completely accept with you .It is said that to worship god almighty (Shiva),you should have his grace,Devi who is a better half to the lord to worship her too u should. Have her grace.Ur experience with Devi clearly tells that u have the grace of her.

    • Even your god learned from Hinduism he lived here in Himalayas and learned many things from Hindu Gururs which has not been depicted in history due to greed of becoming best by your ancestors.

    • U idiots of other religions doesn’t have the ability to understand the greatness of the greatest religion shut. Everything and do some worthless prayers to ur demi idiotic people understand the rituals of Hinduism which is considered and proved as the most powerful prayers to god almighty.

    • If you do not believe Hindu Religion then why are you here..self contradictory statement..If you do not believe, this is your thought process..Please do not spoil the forum by spreading negative energies.


    • I love her..i also had same and also never found i went to kovil.betweek 7 weeks of pooja i got the best.i took her photo at my home and woreship everyday.i hears tbats not good to keep of kali ma’s photo at its been 7month.anyway ones i feel sad and something made me cry she gave me everything i wanted.i coudnt belive.i love her..i just love her and woreship.Jay ma Kali

    • Errr if these bulshit why you hear..i love her from all my heart.ones her child is crying she look after us..if you do not know about her dont do negative comments hear and dont get punish..we belive in her dear

  • If we believe her she is always with us I have feel so many time ,my dear friends I thing I want say to all of if believe in god they will definitely help you but believe at one ,dose not meter if its shiva,hanuman ji ,durga maa,kali maa. That’s my thinking.

  • I think maa kali forgives their sons (worshippers) when they do mistakes. And when those remember maa kali comes to help them. Kyunki beta jo bulaye maa ko aana hi padega. Before sadhna we should say sorry to maa for mistakes.

  • I love Kali Ma, and have been worshiping her for years out of my love for her, when I used to go through a very bad phase of my life, I used to dream of her, she used to guide me, etc. Now I have a problem, a man from the temple I go to says I not supposed to keep Badra Kali in my house and she needs to be offered blood sacrifices, not fruit and veg.He says Ma Kali is angry at me and she will take life. I am confused, please guide me urgently. Please, please.

    • I wish now at this time ur ok..
      I don’t know what l will say but I think PRAY again & again LOVE with tears to KALI .. I wish She will looking a good way from it.

    • Only I question to the person who told you all this “If ‘I’ is not there and we all are nothing but illusion , how can you say that when I am not I but you in reality?.” Its not easy to understand all this but it he is real worshippers then he will have a vision of what I am trying say. With authority in loVe of Kali I say unto you those whos heart is impure and try to create fear will face judgment during judgement day. You my child should not fear but must concur the fear the blossoming fire of loVe.” This is what I will say and to make it more acceptable Christ said “Fear though not for I am with thee.” So that word by Christ is also the word of Kali. To understand this relationship you need to believe in God inside you.
      I wish you happiness.

      • Very impressed with Your reply dear Simon. It seems You have known the true knowledge. A true devotee in his or her spiritual progress at some time realizes the self. He or she loses his or her identity when the ‘I’ and ‘me’ dissolve into ‘You’ and ‘Your’. Nothing belongs to us. We are just a soul waiting to unite with the Supreme soul. That soul also belongs to the Supreme. So every identity dissolves into the Supreme Soul.

    • Love Her in the way you were loving. Don’t give a damn to what others say. Always listen to the heart. The one who is saying such foolish things is just living in ignorance. Empty vessels make the most noise. So the man is the empty vessel here.

    • hi I was told the same thing.. i am not havina good time with my hubby and pandit told me I have kali mata frame at home there fore I she will take the blood.. im so worried…

  • it doesnot matter that how u pray or how is ur pronunciation of mantra, have deep belief in maa and keep thinking that maa loves me too much, if i will not hurt any other child of maa.

  • Dear Friends, nothing is going to get wrong what ever the sadhana or pooja you are going to do. The only thing is required your FAITH. If you have a faith that mother and father can never do anything wrong to their kids, so that moment you can complete your sadhana. This faith is very very important to build in yourself.

    At the time of starting the pooja or sadhana just request MAA KALI that I am your kid and totally illiterate man, so please show me the way to complete this pooja/sadhana. If anytime you make the mistake, please forgive me and show me the right way.

    So before starting your pooja/sadhana if you say this, I do believe that nothing is going to go wrong with you.

    Jai Mata di !!!!!

  • The vibrations emitted from the chants of the mantras are very potent, and if it is pronounced incorrectly, the meaning is swayed the results can be adverse.

    That is the main lesson from this post.

    Its just another way to illustrate the omnipotence Ma Kali.

    Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu
    Shakti Rupena Samastitha
    Namo Namah


  • hi.. Im not a Hindu.. Ima born Buddhist.. But I beleive in Kali Maa. Please tel me how should I pray.. I wanna do merit and transfer the merit to Kali Maa. is it possible? Please tel me how I should Pray, (Im still a beginner)..

  • yes do in tantric sadhana is typical. with full pure heart and wit divine we can do tantric sadhana . we should not have desire in women.we should fell every women is our mother. then do tantric sadhana

  • as a experienced of tantra lord shiva & mother kali same (ardhnareshwar)(half man & half woman)that is univesal energy who is in ever part of particles or atom?to generate them at front by own humman being for get proof ?or to deside that person is up than god?its big mistake of death & mental dissorder?god deside whoes person soul is positive to face them & to bless every 1 by him(its include matter of karma that person).Hindu god able to present any religon god by mantra 2nd stage when a person cross out line of selfishness & devotion of love to every humman being (even ant to?)than he know that easily that all culture & religon are made by suprem energy with different name?to run this materialstic stage of play?(earth people )& hindu tantra play big role to understand that easiy ?love you all friends who interest to read this with their peaceful mind. Your indian friend from uttrakhand piyush

  • HOW can one know he is virabhava(means a hero,a man with courage) or divyabhava(divine). what are the satvik way of worshiping kali please reply

  • God has no self-nature. God is what you want him / her to be. The amount of grace you’ve received of the god, which manifests to you, depends on the relationship you’ve with God. You create your god. That is why it is important that you should not have the image of a punishing god or indifferent god. If you thought god would be angry with you for your thoughts and are therefore afraid. God would certainly punish you. If god to you is a lazy father who answers after endless entities and petitions that would be your reality. You would have made mess of your lives unaware of the
    power and freedom you hold in creating your god. One of the greatest curses you lay on yourself is to create a wrong kind of god and defective god, would sit over you in judgment and punish you. Remember when I say creating your god, I do not mean creating a non-existent god through your imagination. God is your creator and how could you create him. Creating your own god means to awaken to the power you yield. God is powerful. You too being a part of god are quite powerful. You have the freedom to design a kind of god
    you want. It is like a potter making use of clay with great masterpieces. You’re the potter and god the clay. Your god would respond to you the way you want. If you would like a god as a playful, powerful and compassionate friend, who responds to your
    needs. Instantaneously that would be your god. If one the other hand you define god as unapproachable, then the doors of heaven shall not open to you. Because there would be a big board, which would you say no entry. If you say god is indefinable that certainly
    would be your experience. Your god would be amorphous. You could choose a frowning god, a smiling god, and a laughing god, even a playing god.

    • I am from Kolkata, and I worship Maa Kali with a pushpanjali of hibiscus and jasmine. My japa mantra is simply the 2 words “Kali Durge” and I feel that Maa listens to even this mantra. She loves both tantric and laypeople as her children. Just as Maa, Amma, Ammu, Mamma, Mommy, Amaa, Madre refer to Mother, similarly the Kali beeja mantras, and my japa mAntra of Kali Durge both are used in Maa’s adoration.

      Kali Devi rakshatu!!!

  • Anything with ramifications that dangerous is nothing I care to mess with.

    And if a “goddess” will punish her devotees for screwing up a ritual, that tells me all I need to know about what “she” really is.

  • if you worship kali mata for good, then good be come upon you but if you use her for evil definitely you’ll die.

  • Hmm… sounds interesting. I might try it. 😀

    Just kidding! I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in Kali mata. Thanks for the warning though and have yourself a nice day. 😉

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