Kabbalists, I need your clarification on certain things if you can…?

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I have been studying Kabbalah through the Kabbalah Center over the phone. You may think I’d be able to ask them these following questions, but I haven’t had much luck with their answering. So I decided to turn to internet visitors, who are Kabbalists and may be able to deliver better answers. When I began studying Kabbalah, my idea was that God is One, and there are no other gods. He exists. He hears our prayers. My idea was that faith was required in God and a complete trust, that He will always provide as long as I am aware of Him and have “fear” of Him. And here is my big issue with the Kabbalah! The more I study it, the more I understand it to be as such: In Kabbalah, God doesn’t really have a certain personality as described in the Bible at all. It’s all coded verses. In fact, God is nothing but goodness, love, Light, etc, etc… an energy that flows through space and everywhere. God doesn’t hear our prayers, especially those we make up ourselves as we “talk” to God. The prayers Kabbalists use, are coded “spells” that simply trigger the spiritual realm, enabeling spirituality growth in many areas, like cheat codes. In other words, the combination of Hebrew letters and their pronaunciation is like a password to all the hidden doors. God doesn’t need our praise. The praise itself is a code that opens new gates to the Light when we sing it. The more we use those codes and “spells”, the more we open gates to the Light, remove the curtains of ego, and better our lives. We can also manipulate the automs through coded “prayers/connections”. In fact, the autom itself is God. It has positive and negative energy. Everything in Kabbalah can be explained and supported by science, because both go hand in hand. So… forget about everything your aba or your ema told you about God when you were a kid. God is nothing more than an energy that can be manipulated through codes and proactive behaviors. You can even wear a red string and be protected from an evil eye….
Okay, the reason I have a problem with all of this, is because, the more I practice such spiritual life style, the more I realize that I said “no God, I can do this on my own. I got the codes and passwords, and can do everything with my own efforts now”. In other words, I lose FAITH and I also gain faith. The faith I lose, is the faith in God, along with trust and other attributes, such as friendship, relationship, etc. And the faith I gain is the faith in all the “spells”, “prayers”, codes, red strings, etc, etc, etc…. This is horrible…. Because I truly believed that Kabbalah was the closest I could get to knowing God for real…
So, I’m open to all of your input. Please dont’ be rude. Be “proactive”. lol

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The Sage

“God doesn’t hear our prayers, especially those we make up ourselves as we “talk” to God. The prayers Kabbalists use, are coded “spells” that simply trigger the spiritual realm, enabeling spirituality growth in many areas, like cheat codes.”
Not only does G-d hear every prayer, but no sincere prayer is wasted. It help someone else or it may help you at a later time, but every prayer is heard. A True Kabbalist may have the ability to get things to happen, but that is because of his closeness to G-d.
“So… forget about everything your aba or your ema told you about God when you were a kid. God is nothing more than an energy that can be manipulated through codes and proactive behaviors.”
It is brought down in the meforshim that at the time of the Temple, the people thought they were safe because they knew the names of the angels in charge of water and and whatever they needed. They felt that they did not have to follow the Torah because they had the codes. G-d went ahead and mixed up the names of the angels and the people were out of luck. G-d is not a fool. You cannot manipulate Him with Kabbalistic codes. It is also true that He does not need our praises, however for His own reasons He desires them.
To know G-d for real one must follow the Torah and study it. Look at the world and its complexity and you will see G-d. Learn Torah and G-d talks to you. As opposed to prayer when we talk to Him.
Instead of wasting your time with Kabbalah. Go to a site like aish.com or ohr.edu or read Rabbi Avigdor Miller. There you will learn the true spirituality and meaning of Judaism. If you must have Kabbala. Go to Rabbi Akiva Tatz. (He has a website or go to simpletoremember.com) You will be privy to a world that you did not know existed in Judaism.


Your [problem is that you are getting your information and learning about kabbalah from a cult that seems to knwo very little about kabbalah at all and is just ripping you off. Kabbalah is not about spells or anything else. Those kind of claims are big red flags saying “This is a cult. They know nothing about genuine Kabbalah and are relying of you being ignorant of the truth to steal your money.” All these “codes, red strings etc are nonsense; have nothing to do with kabbalah and have everything to do with a charlatan, fake Rabbi that is making money off of you!
Kabbalah is just of four ways of understanding the Torah- it is a commentary on the Torah showing the hidden mystical meanings behind the text. it is not a magic system or a system of cheat codes to gain spiritual powers- it is a system to teach the hidden meanings in the Torah to aid in understanding the Torah. anyone claiming more than that is a charlatan.
Your best bet is to stop with the Kabbalah Centre right now before they really get their claws into you and you find yourself in serious trouble. Try reading the books of Aryeh Kaplan. Unlike Berg (or Laitman who is just as fake as Berg), he is a real Rabbi- not a charlatan claiming the title!


Why do you think Laitman is a fake?

Aaron Wheeler

Kabbalah leads you away from God and God’s Truth. Anything that puts “Things & People” in front of the One and Only God it’s not of God, but of Man.
That is nothing more simple to reach God than your Heart, not super-prayers, popes, beads, strings, other gods or angels.
God LOVE YOU! It’s as simple as that! God wants you, always has. Set away from what Man has doctored-up in fanasties and codes! God hidden nothing and nowhere, he is Here and Always. I feel, listen and heard God. He wants a personally relationship with you and with all he sealed to be His.
And Gideon said unto God, Let not thine anger be hot against me, and I will speak but this once: let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece; let it now be dry only upon the fleece, and upon all the ground let there be dew. ~ Judges 6:39
Did Gideon using his OWN words and did God answer his Prayer?
Prayer for you and with you, in my own words and with a changed HEART.
I pray we can talk more about your Faith in God.
Aaron Wheeler
God Bless, Peace and Prayers

Daniel Moshe Johnson

Good day.
I agree that adapting ones life to the principle declarations of the law of God in action is the way to fulfilling the Devine will.
Kabbalah/Zohar lays down guides and doctrine that can open ones mind to the true mysticism of The Holy Ones perpetual eternal power and presence.
Beads, strings and jewelry are OK, but they should never become an object of worship, if they are reminders that causes you to meditate and apply the moral statutes in your day to day encounter with the organized natural light of the illuminated world, then wear them, if some one is trying to sell you moral statutes by just buying these things, I would stay far from these people.
Whatever path steers you closer to righteous indignation, take that path.


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