• A lot of Occultists work with the Hermetic Qabala (different spelling), which is based somewhat on the traditional Jewish Kabbalah. It seems natural that after a bit the budding magicians would look further into the ‘roots’ of their system, specifically the Kabbalah of Judaism.

  • It started in massive “fad” mode with that treif “Kabbalah Centre” that Madonna and Roseanne go to.

    People who learn from there (Jews or Gentiles) are not learning Kabbalah, they are learning squat.

    For real Jewish Kabbalah, please see:


    Non-Jews may learn Kabbalah as well, as there are many parts of it that apply to them. Please see for this explanation from Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzaddok (an Orthodox Rabbi):


    EDIT: To Paperback: You do know one now 🙂
    Also, not to speak for him, but Alan Yoav may learn it too in the course of his studies, since he is Chabad, I think.

  • I don’t think a lot of people had even heard of it until a few Hollywoodians started to practice it.

    I know Demi Moore and Madonna practiced it.

  • I think we can thank Madonna for that particular trend…!

    Traditionally, Judaism holds that nobody under the age of 40 should study kabbalah. And I don’t know a single Jewish person who devotes any time to it whatsoever. That’s not to say that people shouldn’t – but I’d think it more logical if they took a bit of time to properly understand Judaism first!


    – oh really? Interesting 🙂 You are the first fellow Jew I’ve ever encountered who does study kabbalah! I will check out your links 🙂

  • I think it’s just a fad. It probably started when Madonna decided to try it. I think they think it’s very “chic” to be different

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