Kabbalah, taught by Bnei Baruch–would you please comment if you've taken their classes?

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If you’ve actually taken one or more Kabbalah class, either online or in person, offered by the Bnei Baruch organization, would you please comment, pro or con, and explain. I am trying to decide whether to go down the path of Kabbalah with the Bnei Baruch organization. As I see it, it could be very beneficial, it could be very harmful, or it could just be a big waste of time and energy. I need to decide very soon. Thank you.


  1. Its my understanding that unless you’re doing the popular celebrity fast track to kabalah, it takes years of studying regular Judaism before you are even allowed to delve into authentic Kabalah.

  2. Hello,
    I have been studying Kabbalah with Bnei Baruch for over a year now, and I can’t express how this study has changed my life, and myself. Just as you were, I was skeptical of the study, and the organization. I was interested in other things at the time and didn’t know if I wanted to devout my entire self to this Study. So I took it slow.
    I started off just watching the small clips from this website: http://www.questionyourreality.com/, which provided an amazing amount of clarity to my everyday life. After a while I started studying with the online learning center twice a week (http://www.kabbalahlearningcenter.info/). From that point on, I was on an internal journey of self transformation and realization.
    The unique thing about Kabbalah is that your perception of reality constantly changes, and your mind is constantly expanding to accommodate for your rapidly developing desires (all products of the study with Bnei Baruch). I cant express the benefits I have receive from this study, and I whole heartedly recommend you begin this amazing journey. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi,
    I was introduced to Bnei Baruch Kabbalah while visiting my mother in Israel watching the kabbalah channel and was immediately captured by the wisdom and the common sense of the teachings.
    I can’t hide that another big attraction was that the lessons were available on line for free!
    After taking some lessons I met some of the people that are also involved in the studies and they were all enthusiastic and ready to help with whatever was needed. Such a nice bunch of people!
    Thanks for asking the question.
    Follow your heart,


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