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K, Astral Projection – How to go back in your body?

Is it difficult to go back into your physical body after Astral Projection? Will it harm me if I go back in too fast? I don’t wanna try astral projecting until I am sure I’ll be safe.
Will my heart give out if I go back in too fast? Thanks.

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  1. Wake up
    If Astral Projection actually existed, don’t you think the government would be exploiting the possibilities by now?

    • The government has better things to worry about. I didn’t believe in astro projection, i just always had the thought if it was real or not. One night i was just sleeping and i got this feeling like i was leaving my body, everything was vibrating and all of a sudden there was a flash of light and i found myself floating over my body looking around my room. I got scared and woke up to my body like breathing my soul back into my body it was weird. Just thought i’d tell you my experience. Btw i’ve been researching this stuff tonight and i’ve found that a lot of the things other people experienced while astro projecting were what i felt as well

  2. Realize you never left in the first place. Astral projection is best done through intellectual ascent rather than imaginary flight.

  3. Don’t do it. I use to when I was younger and it only causes demons to take control. This is considered to be of the occult and we all know that satan wants you to get involved into the occult. It may sound fun now, but you have no idea that the bondage you are going to be in when you do this. Even if you come to Jesus, satan does not want to let go and it can take a long time to really get free.

    • This can allow only the energy’s of spirit’s soul’s to connect with your bodys vessel,
      – or –
      Depending on your mind ,& spirit’s connection .

  4. I’m not an expert at astral projection, but I haven’t heard of any dangers of reentering your body too quickly.
    Oh, and by the way, you’ll get better answers if you put this in Mythology and Folklore. It does technically belong here, but the only responders you will get here are atheists. More people are likely to answer in the other section.

  5. That is the least of your concerns. Your astral body is connected to your physical body until time of death. Simply willing oneself to return will do the trick. As for reentering too fast, the worst you’ll get is a headache.

  6. Get this.
    I wanted to Project so bad.
    But I was scarred.
    I was worried about getting back, seeing ghosts, and all that.
    I was thinking, If someone could just convince me that none of these fears I have of it are realistic, then I’d be able to go through with it.
    Well I had a close friend die, and I said #@$% the fears, I’m gonna go check on him.
    I couldnt project.
    I was determined and not afraid, and could not project despite repeated attempts.
    See your getting ahead of youself.
    You dont even know if you can and your worrying about stuff like this?
    Your gonna go back to your body, you cant stay, if you could do think many people would choose to go back?
    I tried and tried and tried.
    I used beats and stuff that were suppose to help
    Still couldnt do it.
    One night a guy I know that could do it, gave me a tip to clear my mind. Imagine my thoughts tied to ropes, and imagine mentally cutting the ropes lose and letting the thoughts float away.
    I tried it….and in my head the ropes kept reatching themselves after I kept them, and they would turns solid and be impossible to cut (but even if I did they attached back)
    I got SO PISSED OFF that I said screw it, screw astral projection, i’m going to sleep.
    I projected that night. I could get to the astral realm (when you project you start off in the etheral realm I think its called, its where you can see your body and your in your house and all that)
    Yeah after that I though, I did it, now I can do it whenever.
    Never been able too since.
    Man your just too ahead of yourself.
    Thank god if you can project, worry about the body later, you mange to project, if you dont like it just dont do it again, but make sure you can do it before you worry about it.
    P.S: it IS real. and as for whoever said satan will get you, their an idiot. I’m an atheist myself, but either way, theres angels there to. and none of that can harm you there anyways. your astral body cant be hurt, at even the slightest hint of danger, you automatically zap back to your body.
    (angels and demons are in religions far older than christianity, which is why I can be an atheist and believe in their existance. It seems to me that people that projected by accident back in the old days, seen these things, and put them in their religions, so I have no problem accepting them.)

  7. It’s exceptionally difficult NOT to go back to your physical body. You’ll get reeled back in for the slightest reasons – dry mouth, your central heating switching on, thinking about how your body’s doing, getting over-excited…really, don’t worry about it!
    Your heart will be fine, a thousand or even million mile snap-back is nothing. If you do feel any aches, they might be annoying at the time but are actually beneficial – a bit like aching after visiting a gym, it’s a sign that your energy body is developing. I used to get these in what I later discovered were my 4th and 6th chakras when I was starting out.

    • i know exzactly how you feel. the thng that im scared of is like something happening to me. like in bleach when ichigo’s friends was knocked out of her body and her cord was almost detached………

  8. I really want to but im kinda scred to do so. i know many people say that its safe and all that….but it might be differnt for some people

  9. Don’t worry, it’s likely 9.9/10 that your going to be harmed by any demons or by satan. I know someone who tried to astral project for 3 years, and nothing happened until one night she fell asleep and suddenly woke up to an extremely uncomfortable tingling sensation all over her. then she started to move slowly and she heared a voice say breasthe through your nose and she did only to find she was nearly being possessed by demons!! DONT WORRY SHES FINE now, if this does ever happen; the tingling sensation, your moving out of your body the feeling is absoulutely nothing to do with the demons they can’t be trusted. But if you do hear those sort of encouraging voices, don’t trust them just scream and keep on doing it and plead the moon and the spirits for help as well as angels say it in your mind even if nothing happens. I love asral projecting but if you want to go back to your body, just wake up or your spirit will do what you want . P.S. The best night for astral travelling throughout the year is 6th May as the moon throws out magical energy, Ideal for meditation and vision seeking.

  10. Astral projection is like a weapon first you have to learn how to use it right. Its also like boxing to get good at it you have to train for it. Im not gonna lie to anyone about there not being any type of bad things that might occur. But when these bad things happen to you when you astral project its because they want you to believe that you have no control over it. And that its all but false you indeed have the control but you have to be strong and not let them feed off of your fear. That’ll just make them stronger. Since i’ve astral projected i’ve gotten better at it and I can sense that they know I have if anyone here wants to learn more about this or if anyone has any problems or questions send me an email at “Omar.dlr@gmail.com” im here to help..

  11. omg yall need to make up yall mind is it good to do or not and how to get out of it thats all he or she asked for duhhh

  12. I experienced astral projection twice in my life now… First was when I started leaving my body which I didn’t allow and second was when I unconciously left my body and knew I had to project back… It’s very scary and I don’t want it to ever happen again… I am praying, I’m pure Catholic, that it won’t ever happen again

  13. Adam F you are so ignorant >.<
    So many people have had astral projection, just because you don't believe doesn't mean it isn't real.
    And btw I'm pretty sure the government IS exploiting the possibilites.


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