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Just wondering how many of us are aware of the fluoride, a deadly toxin being added to our US water supply?

I just discovered what our government has planned to do to us for years! Fluoride was first added to water in concentration camps to keep the population docile…studies now show fluoride shuts down the pineal gland…which is why your 9 year old daughter got her period…wake up america! This is just one example of how we are allowing ourselves to be Unrepairable poisoned!


  1. It’s been in there for decades. It causes no diseases or disorders. Countless studies have been done and there is no link whatsoever. The amount of fluoride in the water supply and the compound that is present does not cause any disorders at all. There are fluoride compounds, mostly fluoride salts, that can poison you, but those are found in pesticides and are totally different than the compounds put in our water.
    And it isn’t in the water in most of Europe, but it is in their table salt. So they still get their necessary fluoride. And they don’t have any disorders associated with it, either.
    Please always choose science and rationality over unfounded fears and irrationality.

  2. Well guess what, fluoride has been added to the water supply since the late 40’s. If all the nonsense you read on the internet were true the entire U.S. population would have died off generations ago.
    And did you know that since a large percentage of the U.S. population has switched to bottle water the rate of tooth decay has increased? True.

  3. It’s not a deadly toxin, you moron. fluoride is a mineral or something they put in the water to help keep our teeth strong. Haven’t you ever had a fluoride treatment at the dentists? If it was a deadly toxin you’d all be dead!

  4. guess you better stop brushing your teeth,eating some foods its in almost everything and it will only hurt you in huge doses in water its like i part per billion.take a chill pill its ok

  5. The water isn’t the only thing to blame.
    Don’t forget about all the growth hormones, pesticides and additives in your fruits,veggies,meat,milk etc.

  6. Let’s see…
    Wide spread fluoridation started close to 50 years ago, and NOW you’re finding out? Your “claims” were a cornerstone of arguments made by the John Birch Society before JFK was president.
    WHAT camps are you talking about? What studies?
    If you’re going to make claims, at least provide citations from widely accepted scientific journals. (The “journal of conspiracy theories” doesn’t count.)
    The only verifiable effect of fluoridation is improved dental health.


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