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just how powerful is the subconscious mind?

Any one got any stories about how you have been (unintentionally) influenced by your subconscious or how you have worked with the subconscious to produce results or change in your life.
And just HOW do you work with your subconscious for positive change?
Affirmations and positive thinking just don’t do it for me.
Got some issues at the moment and need to change certain things.
Any ideas appreciated.


  1. When I look at red lights and imagine them turning green, they turn green…
    Freaky, I know.
    But seriously though, the mind is the most powerful object known to mankind. You can literally do anything you set your mind to.

  2. Well it’s amazing, like when you can simply forget something that’s right in front of you. It’s been proven that your subconscious knows what choices you will make before you decide. It’s probably much more powerful than we know.

  3. yes, i have since 6 yr of age i had dreamt of being miss world and this year i have attempted for miss teen diva . and i have succeeded

  4. Very powerful.
    Just take my word for it. Even when you think you consciously decided something, your unconscious will still have had a huge take in it.

  5. it is illegal to say,on the internet, what my subconscious mind has made me do. just know it is very powerful

  6. Omg its more powerful than you’ll ever know…
    This part of the mind works from dreams ( thats where the subconcious life takes place) to day dreaming…… Every second.
    For example you may be typing, or driving .. yet do you pay attention to the foot on your pedal or those sudden turns on the wheel.. the subconcious is functioning right there and then… pay attention to the tiny thought as you do things… thats the subconcious.
    To access it… meditate…. soon you’ll be in a realm where you will visualize things
    Its soo powerful … subconcious is joined with the law of attraction


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