just curious, What middle name do you think sounds best with Amethyst? Even feel free to give us another idea.?

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Amethyst Aurora
Amethyst Rose
Amethyst Lilac
Amethyst ? (you pick)

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Candy Dawn.

I like amethyst aurora but one I think is a good idea is Amethyst Korine or Corrine. All the names you have thought of a very cute though.


Amethyst Daisy


Out of the ones you listed I like Amethyst Rose the best. Although it’s a little strange, I also like Amethyst Jade.


Amethyst Lorraine.
I like Amethyst Lilac.


I like Amethyst Rose, but what about Amethyst Grace?


If I picked one of them I would probably choose Amethyst Aurora.
Here are some I like as well:
Amethyst Shae
Amethyst Blair
Amethyst Sierra
Amethyst Raine
Amethyst Dawn


If you have a short last name like “Smith” Go for Amethyst Aurora “Smith”
If you have a long last name like “Wilkinson” Go for Amethyst Rose “Wilkinson”
And if you have a medium name like “Gibson” Go for Amethyst Lilac “Gibson”
They all pretty much go with Amethyst, although I think that Amethyst Rose sounds nicer, but like I explained, it also totally depends on your last name.
good luck x


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