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Just curious, is it worth it to pay for a tarot card reading on whether or not I should pursue a relationship?

Just curious, is it worth it to pay for a tarot card reading on whether or not I should pursue a relationship with a certain friend of mine? It’s a very complicated situation that I simply cannot answer on my own.


  1. tarot card readers are scam artists 🙂 So they can see the future eh? why didnt miss cleo stop 9/11? shes a terrorist or a liar, you pick 🙂

  2. well, first of all, trust your intuition. if for any reason you feel this is not what you want then dont go for it. i went to many readers….those stupids just swallowed my money….a relationship which will be the happiest for you will usually show a king of pentacles…..if not then then it will need work. only two readers found that card in my reading and it came accurate, but it turned out to be not for the guy for whom i wanted it. i was suspecious about that relationship from the very beginning. i should have followed my instinct instead of getting involved with him.

  3. If I were you, I’d purchase a Tarot Deck instead–a Sharp Set of Cards…It’s both a Collector’s Item ‘n perhaps it maybe very useful to you. ‘Nyways, I’ve seen this little Tarot Deck Show…’n God this Woman, won’t stop admitting the obvious. At least the Calls were Free…I believe.
    If you’re going to take a Risk, risk it on the conclusion you’ve settled wit’, rather than depend on Mystical Items that aren’t easily grasped ‘n understood by the Common People of Today.

  4. Tarot card readings, if they’re done by good readers, can be a great way of gaining insight into complicated relationships. Usually people want relationship readings from an external source because it’s hard to be unbiased when you have a lot of emotional hope aimed in one direction.
    *My intuitive 2 cents*
    It seems like something is being offered here for the wrong reasons, one person has an emotional, loving connection and the other is looking for company and doesn’t want to hurt a friend. I feel that the time when this would have worked has passed and that it is time to focus on something new.
    If you have any questions you can contact me via the form on this page:

  5. First of all…. never spend more on a psychic then you would on a night out… it is supposed to be for entertainment. Most people even “true” believers will tell you that they do not wake up and call a psychic for what to do that day, in fear of leaving the bed just in case disaster may strike
    It is for a kind of heads up and what to look forward to, a life direction when feeling confused.
    As far as weather or not to go farther in a relationship with a currant friend? well just remember that nothing will happen to you that is not supposed to happen. that includes being hit by a train on the way to seeing this person you are wondering about. “Example only I promise” hehehe
    anyway I am psychic I will be the first one to tell you to be careful who you do choose to get advice from there are quiet a few rotten apples stinking up our barrels but just in case you do want to look for a good psychic I wrote a blog on how to pick through the masses http://www.psychictarotreadings.net/online-psychic-guildlines-to-prevent-ripoff/

  6. No-the fact that you want to consult a tarot reader usually is a bad sign to begin with, because if its true love and everythings allright – which it should be- you would never even think of consulting tarot.
    the answers you get from tarot are different with every deck.
    if you absolutely want to do it, you can consult facade.com for example, but its really just a waste of time, the answer is within yourself not in a rtarot card.


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