Just bought some healing crystals/stones?

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How do I use them? Are crystals used primarily for healing? What else do people use them for? And how do I use them?
Thank you and I am very excited about them!

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Rectal insertion should be just as good as any other medical use and at least twice the fun.
Shock news! Stones aren’t as good as trained doctors!

M to the R Mighty RA

Where I come from crystals are dumped by the mechanical shovel full onto mine spoil heaps.


I’m sorry to say you’ve wasted your money, since the powers of crystals/healing stones only exist in your mind.

gypsy belle

put them up on a shelf and look at them from time to time like every one does that buys that stuff

Karl P

lol. wutever floats your boat, but ‘they’ are just rocks.

Chris G

The crystalline nature of them is supposed to attract energy.
I was into them for a short time a long time ago.



Norma Aurea

Read the Book:
THE BOOK OF THE SPIRITS, written by Allan Kardec !


You can use them for a wide variety of things. Best thing to do is to look up each stone individually, and see what it works best at. Crystals can be used to heal, or promote certain energies. As for how to use them, there are many many many ways to do so. First off, you might want to see if you can cleanse your stones with some salt water, or leave them out to collect some moonlight. From there, try holding each stone, and see what you feel when you hold it. Each stone will more than likely feel different to you. After that, you’d want to read up on the stones to see what you can use them to heal. Also, you might want to look into chakras, as many use stones to work with those as well.


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