Home Discussion Forum Just adopted a Chi/mix and he is not eating very much?????

Just adopted a Chi/mix and he is not eating very much?????

Its been 4 days since I got him and he is nibbling on dry food, but not alot and am wondering how long it takes for him to get a full appetite. He is 1 year old and I am feeding him what his foster parents reccomended and am trying to mix it up a bit. He has full energy yet just want him to eat more. He will eat chicken and turket breast but dont want him relying on people food.


  1. Stop feeding people food. The more they get of it, the less they will eat of their balanced diet. Chis do nto eat much. Yours is adjusting to a new environment. It will be fine. Just please lay off the people food. Most processed meats are full of sodium and preservatives that are dangerous to humans let alone that little dog.

  2. Go to a pet/pup store and get a tube of nutrical. give it to your dog 2 times a day. put about 1 inch on your finger each time. This will give your dog all the nutrition he will need for the day until you get the food situation under control. Dont buy food at k mart/wal mart/ target or food stores. They are full of fillers your dog does not need. The first ingredient should be MEAT….not corn oats or another filler. Buy your food at a pet/pup store. i use WELLNESS food. Have been for over 9 years on my dog and the pups at my store. You can also add about a tablespoon of wet food (wellness) for flavor and you can nuke it for 10-12 seconds to really bring out the flavor. Feeding your dog store bought food is like giving him a 1/4 pounder from mcdonalds everyday. Any questions feel free to contact me at thepuppyguy@yahoo.com

  3. Most of the time this can be a simple solution. If you are leaving out food so the dog can eat whenever it wants this could cause the dog to eat less. Try to put the recomended amount in the bowl (what you think the dog should eat in one feeding) and even add a 1/4 cup of water. The water brings out the smells of the dog food and makes it more appetizing to dogs. It’s worth a try anyway. My dog Penny is like that. She will only eat if I feed her that way. Good luck!


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