Jupiter in Scorpio in my Tenth House?

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I’ve got Jupiter in Scorpio in my Tenth House. I’ve always been in the health and wellness profession and have traveled the world exploring various types of healing and expansion of consciousness. I’ve worked with shamans, gurus and practice kundalini yoga and meditation kriyas. I’m also fascinated with understanding sexual energy for what it really is, outside of this world’s perspectives, and the truth of how it is best utilized, aside from social conditions, to heal.
This all has been truly enlightening and has helped my career path of helping others. I’m in the midst of a career change, exploring higher realms of what I already do. I want to know more about this aspect of “Jupiter in Scorpio in my Tenth House”. My Sun is in Virgo, Ascendant in Aquarius and Moon in Scorpio. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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Nattalie Dynamite

🙂 i am very glad for you.
it’s amazing that you get to travel the world. it truly is!
my Jupiter is in the 7th house….i wonder what this has fo me.

Mara M

How do you know Jupiter in Scorpio is in your Tenth House? I know that Virgos are loyal and dependable and make excellent friends. Aquarius means you like to travel, and your sexual fascination comes for the Scorpio in you. That’s about all I can tell you, really……


Well for the next 5 yrs you will discover more than you ever thought possible


Hi i have jupiter in scorpio in my 7th house. Ascendant and moon both in taurus. Moon exalted in tautus. Mars and Venus both in pisces in 11th house. Venus exalted. Sun Aquarius in 10th house.
Any insights??

dilip singh

i have also jupiter in 10th house of picies i have deep incline in sprituality . Pls shed some light on….


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