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joining the Golden Dawn organization??

if a witch joins the Golden Dawn organization, will he/she have an increased knowledge of using magic?
how would a witch benefit from being a member of the Golden Dawn? aren’t they an occult organization?


  • Hi Captain Morgan

    Golden Dawn is a ceremonial magic order – so a different kind of magic from the natural witchcraft we have been “discussing” on other Q&A’s.


    I think these two are the USA sites.

    It is a bit more, esoteric, and certainly more obscure for the outsider to access and understand. It is not Wiccan by any stretch of the imagination – it is a completely different animal.

    All magic is hard work, all religious paths (and certainly Wicca) are hard work at times – however shoudl you join OGD or Servants of the Light or any other ceremonial magical order, you will really have to work at and for your knowledge – but it is all the sweeter for that.

    The more you learn, the less you know.

    Give that little maxim some thought, and it will explain a lot about ALL magical paths.

    Hope this helps
    Halcon :-))

  • Maybe have access to a different type.

    Heard of Crowley’s “Goetia” haven’t you? K, now that I think about it, you would be going into a different form of “witchcraft” but it is still part of the arts.

  • No, but you will be in a community who shares the same viewpoints and differentiating knowledges that you can share.

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