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JEWS – if my father is a Jew and i am stil yet a gentile does that mean that he is tehnichly not my father?

i don’t believe that you have the right to say to know who my father is
you have np idea what an awful person he is
beating his wife (which has a very dangerous disease) while being drunk and abusing drugs only the start of it
that’s not even one tenth of what he really is
now – i know that the Jewish law says that one remains a gentile and one of his relatives becomes a Jew they are no longer looked upon as relatives
and the thing is that i feel such a great desire in myself of revenge that i can’t describe it by words
my whole body dreams of the day i could return back sweet revenge
oh her kisses are sweeter then wine for me oh sweet revenge
no one beside me knows what great power you possess
because of this i wish to cast a curse on him in order to bring judgment upon him
and since he is no longer counted is my father and non-Jews are allowed to practice both lower and higher (ceremonial) magick i don’t see here any problems
is there any problems here that you can tell me about them?


  1. …”If” your biological father is of Hebrew blood… then you are of Hebrew blood. Judaism is the “religious” belief… The 12 Tribes of the Hebrew Nations are the blood-line.

  2. i dont know how things work religously but your faher is your father by blood.family isnt a choice.you have them wether you want them or not.if you hate him hate him but it wont change hu he is.a father a father bad or good.but dont give what you dont get.(respect,kindness,mercy)

  3. Magick? Really? Hey Harry Potter wannabe: call the police if your dad is that much of an asshole. You’re a retard if you think magick actually exists.

  4. Sounds like you need a therapist, and your dad needs a restraining order. Your mother needs a divorce and a women’s shelter.
    you should call protective services and show them your question.

  5. Here are YOUR problems. You’re trying to sound like a shakspearean writer talking about revenge. What the fuck do you want to do? Use a Voodoo hex on him? First of all you need to be a shaman, 2nd on all you need to hit the internal spiritual level of Lok’thra. Once you achieve that level, then you can fully put a hex on him.
    A 2nd option, kill him. Good luck!

  6. why would that change if he was your father or not?
    if your mother was not jewish, you did not convert, nor believe in Judaism, then you are not jewish.
    >”i know that the Jewish law says that one remains a gentile and one of his relatives becomes a Jew they are no longer looked upon as relatives”< this does not make sense, and I've never heard of such a thing. some feel that if in a jewish family, a person converts away, then they are disowned, treated as dead, ect. the bottom line is that since you aren't jewish, jewish law has nothing to do with you. your relationship with the divine, your personal practices and relation are yours. though you might be cautious, as some feel that negative magick against jews has extra backlash with that whole "those who bless are blessed, those who curse are cursed" thing.

  7. Uhh….You have it wrong…
    If your father is jewish and your mother is not, according to jewish law, you are not jewish, but your father is still your father. In fact, in biblical days you would still be considered an Israelite and entitled to an inheritance.
    If any of your relatives, who are not jewish, convert to judaism, they are still your relatives.

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