Home Discussion Forum Jews, how do you feel about nonJews who practice the Qabalah? ?

Jews, how do you feel about nonJews who practice the Qabalah? ?

Whether Christians, or nonchristian Occultists, both groups of which have had QBLH traditions dating from the middle ages.


  1. I put this in the same category as those who worship a person claiming to have Jewish roots.
    I really feel much about it. Judaism is not related to this group of people. And nothing this other group follows is Kaballah.

  2. Non-Jews don’t “practice” Kabbalah. They play at it, the same way that kids play at being baseball players. They have no idea what they’re talking about because to do so requires a thorough knowledge of Judaism–which none of them have.

    • Mark are you absolutely sure that “all” non-Jews do not have a thorough knowledge of Judaism? This question is not meant to be an attack, just that we need to be very carefuly when we make such a blanket statement. To say that all non-Jews do not know, would indicate that you have a “thorough” knowledge of all non-Jews; and since you and I have never met, you may be surprised what I know about Judaism, or of my deep feelings for G-d’s covenant people. I am an avid student of Torah and have been for the past 25 yrs.

  3. i’m not jewish, but i think it’s kind of silly to try to shoehorn the mysticism of one religion into the practices of another. it’s one thing to seek the knowledge within the kabalah, but i’ve yet to come across anything that doesn’t simply lift it right out of judaism and cram it into, say, the tarot or other western occult teaching.

  4. I must agree with Gershon, Mark, and Tim; they are playing at something they are clueless about. Particularly when someone (I believe Madonna) says that Kaballah has nothing to do with Judaism. Sure. Just like Christians follow Tim Conway as their Moshiach (just a weird analogy here, folks!).
    You must have a good foundation of Tanakh and Talmud before attempting to study Kaballah. To do otherwise would be like taking an advanced class in programming without taking an Intro. to Programming class.
    edit: Hey, Tim! Join me for cupcakes?

  5. People like Madonna pretend to practice Kabbalah. They think they are Jewish because someone has given them some “insight” into what they think is Kabbalah.
    A true Jew does not study Kabbalah until they are in their 40’s. We believe you have to have a very firm Jewish foundation to understand it properly. Clearly non-Jews would not have a good foundation. Someone like Madonna who claims they are an “expert” have no Jewish foundation at all.
    I am Jewish and have always attended Jewish schools (except for a short stint at a University) and I am only 20 so I have not studied it and I promise you that my foundation is solid. It is just not as solid as it needs to be and I do not have the experience to put it in perspective.
    Non-Jews who study Kabbalah aI think are play acting they are Jewish. If they the information they need the foundation.
    It would be a little funny if it wasn’t quite so pathetic.
    The Kabbalah non-Jews study is not realy Kabbalah.

  6. It makes no difference to us (Jews) who practices Kabballah.
    But if you think you are practicing the real thing, you are deluding yourself.
    Kabballah is not some quaint white magic.
    Rather, it is a spiritual and intellectual discipline which takes years to attain. It requires a solid background in Judaism and years of training.
    Thus, if you THINK you are practicing Kabballah after reading a few books and attending some classes, good luck to you… lol…
    If you want to see what I mean, look at the biography of a TRUE Kabballist:

  7. I wouldn’t mind but they are not practicing Kabbalah. If they were practicing Kabbalah we’d notice. They don’t have any clue what practicing Kabbalah means.
    What they are doing is learning some basics of Kabbalah mixed with other stuff, they have no idea what it truly means or how to practice it.
    If a Jew has to be observant, know the Torah, Talmud and practical Jewish law in and out and wait until he is 40 years old(and married) to have the honor of opening the book and study with a Rabbi then what gives you the idea that people who don’t know the very basics of Judaism can even begin to understand a letter that’s written in that holy book?
    If what they are learning does any good to them then that’s fine with me but it’s not Kabbalah.

  8. Agreed with “Jewish girl” and many others above. Those who believe they are “truly” practicing Kabbalah by a few books (most likely published by Christan authors who have distorted the knowledge to fit to their own liking) then they are ignorant to the very first step to Kabbalah itself. To have a firm background in the religion you are studying, and be very well developed mentally and spiritually. In a very anti-semitic world, do you really believe we are just going to open up such knowledge to anyone? Quit fooling yourselves and start by learning the Torah.


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