JEWS – Are there parts of kabbalah that ALL Jews believe ?

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I already know celebrity kabbalah is discredited, so let’s go past that.

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That there is one god.
From my understanding only reform Jews, Hasidic Jews, and maybe a few conservatives advocate Kabbalism at all, while the Orthodox are displeased by it; though don’t quote me. That’s what I understand any way, but I’m only a Hermetic Qabbalist, not a Jewish one.
Edit- I used the wrong “There.” I need to kill myself. lol


Most Jews do not study Kabbalah. Some traditional stories are told that are based on kabbalistic ideas and many may be familiar with the stories without realizing where the story came from such as the story of the Golem.

Rico JPA

There are very few parts of ALL genuine Kabbalah that all Jews know. Kabbalah is not something separate and distinct. It is a methodology, a way of esoterically and mystically interpreting Torah. So, I guess, since Kabbalah is a way to interpret the Torah, then, like most Jews, those who study Kabbalah believe in the Torah, and there’s a commonality for you.
Traditionally, despite the existence of some texts like the Zohar, true Kabbalah, the method, is taught by a master to A student. Again, traditionally, to be accepted as a student by a master, the student must have already been a Torah scholar, and to be accepted before one was 40 years old, was rare.

Gabi JSC

What don’t people understand? Kabballah isn’t some separate religion, it is a study in Judaism that most people are not ready to learn. You must be 40 years or older. You must have studied and reviewed the whole Talmud. You must have Shalom Bayit.
3 MAIN studies:
1)Zohar-Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Around 2200 years ago).
2)Etz Chaim-Rav Chayim Vital, in the name of the holy Arizal (Around 500 years ago).
3)Natan Torah-Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag (Around 200 years ago).


The thing with kabbalah is that the vast majority of Jews do things without knowing their origins, and sometimes their origins are in the Kabbalah! So you find that many have a custom that when saying Kiddush the wine cup is held in the palm of the hand- chances are the vast majority have no idea what the cistom represents, but do it anyway. The same applies to many customs and actions- people do them without realising the origin since people generally do not study Kabbalah.
So you will find that people will generally agree that G-d is everywhere (omnipresent)- though few would know the diference in the idea that ti is the emamantion fo G-d filtered through the sefirot that permeates our existence as explained by Kabbalah (according to the Arizal- the Baal shem Tov explains this concept differently). Thus the core Kabbalistic idea is accepted by all- the exact explanations and Kabbalistic reasoning is unknown to most.
similarly for many other concepts- people know x or believe x, but have no idea that x is a Kabbalistic concept or has a hidden meaning beyond the mundane reason they have learnt for doing something
edit: Do NOT go to the links posted by Zsolt- they ae to the kabbalah cult started by Michael Laitman, a Russian academic who uses the title Rabbi even though he has never receved smiachah (Rabbinical ordination), and are just more of the celebrity Kabbalah and has nothing to do with real kabbalah.

Zsolt H

I agree with the answer of the Orthodox Rabbi, that it does not matter what we believe in, as Kabbalah is not a religion, or religious interpretation, Kabbalah describes laws which work on us whether we believe in them or not.
The question is if we are actually aware of those laws, and that is where Kabbalah can help us, giving us the tools to reveal the laws governing our reality.
But returning to your question there is an additional question about who we consider “jewish”. The spiritual interpretation says that anyone, regardless of genetic, national or cultural background, who aims himself/herself directly towards the creating force of reality, the “Creator” is called jewish, as the word Israel comes from two short hebrew words, that translates to “directly to God”.
And whoever is considered spiritually jewish will “believe”, more precisely follow Kabbalah, as that is the method to take us directly to the Creator.
The purpose of creation is that the whole of Humanity achieves the state of Israel, aiming directly to the Creator, as this is the only way of creating a single, united Humanity, which is the purpose of our life.
I hope it helps, and I would recommend the links below for further information.
Reaction: I do not want to convince you either way, everybody can have their own opinion. Just one remark:
I have been studying here for 3 years now, and I have not seen any celebrity, I only see “normal” everyday people, around 2 million of them from all around the world, from all kinds of background, who are studying simply because they would like to know the purpose of their lives.


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