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jewish? to study Kabbalah is forbidden unless if you are jew and married and 40 years old?

I read some authors that say the Kabbalah should be open to everyone and not just the Kabbalah center.. I don’t remember.. but I have looked about ariel kaplan.. Rabbi David Cooper.


  1. answer: There are rabbis that believe the tradition should remain – one teacher, one student (who is married and over 40 – 45). There are some that believe it should be open to all who wish to study.
    The key being what does the teacher demand from his students?
    And most of what is being called Kabbalah isn’t traditional Kabbalah but a mixture of New Age beliefs, ceremonial magic and just enough Hebrew and Jewish imagery to seem legit.

  2. I didn’t know this, interesting. Thanks (I learned a bit about the Kabbalah when I was younger, before Madonna made it “cool” — there weren’t Kabbalah centers all over Los Angeles then.)

  3. Some keep to the tradition, some do not. Mindy Ribner is an excellent Kabalah teacher.
    It is true that you have to be careful as to who you study with, as D Avarah said there are many teaching magic and New Age and calling it Kabalah

  4. Yup. To learn Kabbalah from a true Kabbalist (one of those Rabbis with the long white beards…) one must fit those requirements (with some exceptions).
    I know two real Kabbalists here in Montreal.

  5. Kabbalah is a practical method for the whole of humanity, to help us achieve the purpose of our life.
    As such it is now open and free to everyone who wants to know who they are, where they are, and where they should be heading.
    But it is true that up to our generation Kabbalah was hidden, and people were discouraged to get close to it by all kinds of restrictions.
    So why is it open now?
    Because human evolution has reached the state, when we are now ready to use these teachings, and elevate ourselves to the truly Human level, becoming similar to the governing force of reality.
    You are right, there are lots of sources offering Kabbalah studies these days, which one is the right one for you, only you can tell.
    But if you have any further questions, or you would like to study in an open, free environment, where all the materials are free to download and listen to, here is a link to an online course in Kabbalah starting in January:
    I hope it helps, all the best.

  6. I can certainly understand the concern of being 40 to 45 years old and having no clue as to what and unknowable God created you to do. After all, when you are either knocking on death’s door or starting to think about one’s own date with death, most feel the need to clutch to as many straws as they can to bring in the peace that Rabbinic Judaism simply doesn’t provide.
    Another way to look at it was, if Rabbinic Judaism was fulfilling, the Kabbalah would not be needed.
    Or if God answer Rabbinic Jews prayers, the Kabbalah would not be needed.
    But there is this void in Rabbinic Judaism that scriptural Judaism doesn’t know…probably because scriptural Jews stood in the presence of God and heard His voice. There are something that our Creator can answer that more study just can’t answer….like why am I on the earth?
    And think, what can you to be pleasing in the sight of God other than doing that special thing He made you to do? Or how can you live your whole life and never do what He made you to do and think that was OK?
    No, the only way to obtain peace is to be at peace with the One who created you. This has to be possible because the One who made you to do what you are to do with your life made you to do that which He made you to do. So by making you, He wants you to do that which He made you to do.
    And since He wants you to do that which He made you to do, He also made you to be able to know what you were made to do long before 40….unless you don’t believe the Hebrew scriptures.
    Hope this helps


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