Jesus Would Totally Deny Indigent Children Of Health Care. Agree Or Disagree?

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Jesus didn’t like no tree hugging, liberal queers, and he also wouldn’t be going around giving everyone free health care. That’s what my Pastor told us last Sunday in church, and to be honest, I agree with him. What does y’all think?
****Sarah Palin for President****

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What I think??
How many of you are there in the US??
“Sarah Palin for president”??
Thank the FSM I live in Europe where only people living in retirement castles seriously listen to what a pastor says!!


I bet your name is really Bubba isn’t it?


I’d have to see his “logic” for coming to that conclusion. I don’t think the withered fig tree was intended to show that Jesus hated trees (there was a bigger lesson there). I think he did give free health care (healing the sick and crippled). He called us all to care for the widows and orphans. I guess, based on what I know of Jesus, I’d have to very much disagree with your pastor.


Mm, satire. Seems an odd venue for it, though.


DISAGREE…Jesus asked the apostles to allow the children to approach him…He did not specify to only allow white kids. HE ACCEPTED all KIDS.

Trying to care

I think that this statement proves that many preach in the name of Jesus with absolutely no basis. Can you people really believe people who have these so called spiritual leader roles? How can you take them seriously? No I disagree! Jesus would have had no opinion in worldly political affairs. Jesus focus was on the kingdom to come and as far as health-care goes, he showed while he was here on the Earth how human ailments could be fixed at no monetary cost at all.

Rudy Can't Fail

Jesus would want them to get jobs and support themselves and be a rugged individual, like Rush.


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